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Which Processor Should You Buy?

The processor is the brain of the computer, which handles each of the computer’s activities. If you make the wrong choice, you may have to suffer a lot of damage if you are also confused that Intel Core i3 Vs. i5 vs. i7 Which Processor Should You Buy? Then you must read this article till the end.

By the way, Intel’s Pentium series and centric Core M series are available. But in this article, we are only going to talk about the core series, which is much more popular.

The Differences Between Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3

It is generally said that i3 processors have dual cores while i5 and i7 series processors have dual-core or quad cores. The quad-core processor dual-core processor is much better, meaning that the i7 processor is more powerful than i5 and i5 processor is more powerful than i3.

Let us know in detail about all these processors so that you can easily decide the right processor for yourself till the end.

What Intel’s Model Numbers Mean: U vs. Q vs. H vs. K

Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7: Which Processor Should You Buy?

Intel has divided its core series processors into different model numbers based on their performance and feature, which you can easily understand based on the following letters: U, Y, T, Q, H, G, and K Can –

U: Ultra-low-power, U rating means low power will consume and are suitable for the battery.

Y: Low Power, It provides low power, which is seen in older laptops.

T: Power Optimized, T rating means it is power-optimized.

Q: Quad-Core, that means, it has four physical cores.

H: High-Performance Graphics has a great graphic unit.

G: Includes Discrete Graphics, it has a dedicated graphics card with a processor.

K: Unlocked, this processor can increase clock speed when needed.

If you want to more details about this then check out


You must have seen that Laptops come with 6th Gen, 7th Gen and many more generations. If you don’t know what age is, we want to tell you that Intel shrinks its processor site over time to increase its efficiency, that’s why we get to see new generations from time to time.

Currently, Intel processors up to the 11th generation are available in the market. If you go towards the latest Gen processor, then you get to see an excellent efficiency. It would help if you always tried to get as much of your Gen as per your budget.

You can find the laptop’s generation based on the first digit of its 4 -digit model number – Intel Core i3-7250, i.e. it is a 7th generation processor. If you want more details then check Intel site.


The speed of any processor depends on its physical core, but you can increase your processor’s speed to a great extent through Hyper-Threading Technology.

Hyper-Threading technology virtually divides your physical processor into two parts in general language so that more and more tasks can be done quickly.

If a laptop has a dual-core processor and uses Hyper-Threading Technology, then that processor will act like a quad-core processor.

Compared to the dual-core processors using Hyper-Threading, and the physical quad-core processor, the physical quad-core processor, will perform better than the virtual quad-core processor.

If you want to enjoy the best performance at a low price, then go with a processor with Hyper-Threading Technology.

Turbo boost

We want to tell you that i3 series processors do not support Turbo Boost. You get this feature in Core i5 and i7 processors.

This is a superior technology coming from Intel, which can intelligently increase the processor speed when needed while using heavy software.

For example, if you are playing a game and your system needs extra horsepower, Turbo Boost technology will increase your processor speed and give you a great experience.

If you do a lot of high-end gaming or 4K editing, you should go to the professor with turbo boost technology.

Cache Size

Apart from hyper-threading and turbo boost, the processor has another significant cache size. The Cache processor has its memory, which acts as a private RAM.

The higher the amount of RAM, the better the performance. If the processor is performing the same task repeatedly, it will keep that task in its cache memory.

If a processor can store more work in its private memory, it can do it even faster when it comes back again.

In Core i3, you usually get up to 3MB of cache memory, while i5 has 3MB to 6MB. And 4MB to 8MB in the Core i7 series.

Clock speed

Clock speed is the CPU’s operating speed expressed in GHz. Each CPU has a base clock speed, which indicates how fast it can process data.

The CPUs that come with Turbo Boost technology process data faster than clock speeds, i.e., operate at rates higher than average speeds.

All 8th or 10th generation CPUs come with overclocking facility. If you are looking at a processor, then be sure to watch for clock speed.

Intel Graphic Card

Intel introduced an Integrated Graphic Card to handle all graphic related activities, also known as Share Graphic Card as it uses CPU’s memory.

This graphic card processes the graphics-related tasks using the memory of random access memory so that you get a good performance.

Intel Processor HD, Ultra HD etc. comes with integrated graphic card. If you do some graphic work, then you should go to the graphic processor.

Which CPU Should You Buy?

Processor Physical cores Cache


Hyper –


Turbo Boost Graphics Price
Core i3 2 3MB Yes No Low Low
Core i5 2-4 3MB-6MB No Yes Mid-range Mid-range
Core i7 2-4 4MB-8MB Yes Yes Best Expensive

If you have become more confused after reading so much about the processor, you can know your need and requirement in the simple language mentioned below.

  • Intel Core i3 (Basic User) – This processor can be commonly used for web browsing, Microsoft Office, video calls, social media and entertainment etc.
  • Intel Core i5 (Intermediate User) – If you want outstanding performance at the mid-range price, you should go for it. You can use it for gaming, video editing etc.
  • Intel Core i7 (Power User) – If you want to play 4K video, animation and high graphic games, you can go towards it.

Note: Most People Don’t Need Intel Core i9

There is a powerful and high-end processor recently launched by Intel. It has 10 to 18 cores, which gives a much faster performance.

Core i9 is useful for you only if you are a hardcore gamer or do live streaming or do high-quality video editing. In my opinion, you can do all these things with i7 and i5 also.


In the end, all I want to say is that keeping in mind your budget; you should go towards a better processor, which fulfils all your requirements.

If you liked this article, then share it with all your acquaintances so that they too can get to know about i3 i5 i7.

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