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Which is Better for you? (Simple Explanation)

Hello friends, in this article, we will give you SSD vs HDD. Which is Better for you? About to tell which one is going to be the best for you.

If you have made up your mind to get a new laptop but are in Confusion, you should go for SSD storage or HDD storage.

We will tell you about SSD and HDD storage in great detail, so you must read this article till the end.


Its full name is a hard disk drive; as the name suggests, it consists of a mechanical moving disk, which rotates continuously and reads the data.

Some advantages and disadvantages of this storage are as follows –


  • Cheap – HDD storage is much cheaper because it has a mechanical moving part, which is easily available.
  • Large amount capacityIn HDD storage, we get a lot of storage capacity because the moving disk can store many data.
  • Easy available everywhereHDD storage is easily available everywhere. You can easily buy it from your nearest market as per the desired capacity.


  • Lifespan and ReliabilityIts life span is from 5 to 6 years, after which its data becomes mostly corrupt.
  • Prone to damageThe biggest drawback of HDD storage is that its mechanical parts get damaged and corrupt when it falls out of your hand.
  • Less speedThis storage has a moving part, which rotates continuously and reads the data. Hence its speed is meager.
  • Required More PowerDue to the moving disk in this storage, much power is required to work correctly.


Its full name is Solid State Drive, which remains in a solid-state, i.e., it has no moving part of any kind. In this, data is stored by integrated circuits. It is also called flash-based memory.

It has some advantages and disadvantages which are as follows –


  • Very high speedThere is no moving part in this storage, so the speed is much faster.
  • Resistant to shocksEven when it suddenly falls from your hands, its data is not easily corrupted because it does not have any mechanical part.
  • Low power consumptionAs we know that there is no rotating part in SSD storage; hence, it consumes very little power and provides an excellent performance.
  • Long lifespan – SSD has a much longer life span than HDD storage. The data of this storage can be used for a long time.


  • High cost –It is much more expensive than HDD storage. It costs a lot to make this storage, which increases its price.
  • Less storage capacityThis is Flash-based memory, which we get a minimal amount of viewing while HDD storage is available to us in massive amounts.
  • Rarely available everywhereThe biggest drawback of SSD storage is that it is not readily available in markets. If you need 2TB SSD storage for yourself, it is rarely available in your nearest market.


This storage is being used in today’s laptops. Some people are quite surprised to see this. But I want to tell you that these are SSD + HDD (dual storage) laptops.

In this type of laptop, you are given the operating system by installing it on SSD storage to get a fast speed when you start the laptop.

Also, other files and programs are saved in HDD storage so that you can get more amount of storage.

So now you must have known about all the storage, which is being used in the present-day laptop.

If you want a high-speed and responsive performance in your laptop, you should go for SSD storage.

But if you want more storage capacity, then you should go for HDD storage.


We hope that you will like the information mentioned above. And now you must have known about SSD vs HDD, Which is Better for you.

If you are still in Confusion then you can understand below in easy language.

If you want to do the next level of gaming on your laptop or do high-end tasks like video editing, you need fast performance; that’s why you should go for SSD storage.

But if you want a laptop for regular use in which you can do entertainment and internet related work, then HDD storage is going to be the best for you.

If you are one of those who need a laptop in which they can do their high-level work and entertainment and can store a lot of data, you should go to SSHD (dual storage) needed.


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