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Where to find Grapple Gloves — all Fortnite Grapple Stop locations

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Get to swinging and get that air-time once again. We’ve done the research and found out where to find Fortnite Web-Shooters Grapple Gloves in Chapter 3, Season 3.

Back in the first season of Fortnite Chapter 3, Flipped, Spider-Man was the hero of the hour. Battle Pass skins, Item Shop Outfits and even an in-game Mythical item, Web-Shooters. This thwip-ping cool Mythical item allowed you to swing through the air like Spidey himself, from tree to tree, between buildings and over battles. Well, if you missed them like we did during Season 2, you’ll be pleased to hear they’re back, but with a different look.

Fortnite Grapple Gloves bring back the Web-Shooter Mythical

Since Spider-Man has served his time, and Darth Vader has taken his long-awaited place at the top of the Fortnite Battle Pass, Web-Shooters don’t really fit in with the theme of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3: Vibin’. But they were such a popular item that Epic Games has given them a new look and a new name. But we’ve tried them out, and Grapple Gloves work exactly the same as Web-Shooters did before them.

These Epic rarity items can only be found in specific areas of the Fortnite map (unless dropped), and have actually been given their own dedicated POIs – Grapple Stops. You’ll be able to recognise a Grapple Stop from their pink-painted steel frames and attention-grabbing lights. Once there, you’ll want to rummage through the Grapple Glove Toolbox to get your very own pair of these gripping gauntlets.

Grapple Stop at the Sanctuary Islands

Where to find Grapple Gloves at Fortnite Grapple Stops

We’ve taken a look around the Vibin’ new Fortnite Chapter 3 map, and found the locations of the ten current Grapple Stops. If you’re more of a visual learner, they’re all neatly marked out on the map below, as well as this list.

  • North of Logjam Lumberyard
  • East of Shift Shafts
  • East of The Daily Bugle
  • In the Rave Cave
  • East of Tilted Towers
  • East of Seven Outpost VII (Sanctuary Islands)
  • North of Rocky Reels
  • South West of Greasy Grove
  • North of Synapse Station
  • North East of Condo Canyon
Fortnite Map Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin Grapple Stops

We’re looking forward to getting some wind in our virtual hair again. Are you looking forward to seeing the new Fortnite Vibin’ island from a bird’s eye view again, as you swing through the treetops? Or have you had enough of people swinging away from close combat gunplay? Let us know in the comments below! And check out the full patch notes from June 14’s Fortnite hotfix on the Epic Games site.

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