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When is Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update coming out?

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Following weeks of snapshots and pre-releases, Mojang has officially revealed a release date for the next Minecraft update, 1.19 – The Wild Update.

Having been announced during Minecraft Live 2021, we’ve spent seven long months awaiting the arrival of Mangrove Swamps, Frogs and more… and even longer when it comes to The Warden. Now, though, we finally have a release date for Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, so sharpen your pickaxe and put on your quietest Swift Sneak boots – we’re off to the Deep Dark.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update?

Where to start?! The Wild Update is one of the largest Minecraft updates yet, with a whole new underground biome to explore, as well as some new features above ground, too! Here, we’ll take a quick, top-line look at what’s being added, but be sure to keep an eye out for links to our more in-depth guides.

The Warden, Ancient Cities and the Deep Dark

Possibly the biggest change to Minecraft with The Wild Update is new underground biome the Deep Dark. We’ve known about this for a while, with the terrifying new biome first pegged for release with 1.17, Caves and Cliffs. However, due to the density of the new biome, its features and its scary Warden, its release was pushed back.

With update 1.18, Caves and Cliffs part 2, Minecraft’s World Height was increased, adding blocks to both the top and the bottom of the world – this is where the Deep Dark comes in. Residing in the deepest depths of the Overworld, the Deep Dark is the only place you’ll come across new Ancient Cities, the home of the terrifying Warden. Watch your step, as one loud movement (well, it’s actually three), could trigger the Warden to emerge from the ground to protect its massive and luxurious home from intruders. Quietly manoeuvre your way round the underground palace, though, and you could find such precious loot as Music Disk Fragments, Echo Shards, Potions and Saddles. Be really clever, and you might even find the secret Redstone room.

Muddy Mangrove Swamps

If you’re faint of heart and can’t see yourself digging down into the Deep Dark any time soon, there’s still plenty for you in The Wild Update. Another new biome has been added, the Mangrove Swamp, and this one is above ground – safe from the patrol of The Warden.

Not only does the Mangrove Swamp bring a new wood type to Minecraft, the beetroot-hued Mangrove wood, but it also introduced us to the new Mud family of blocks – and renewable Clay. Mangrove trees are very different from any previous tree in Minecraft. Instead of dropping saplings, a Mangrove tree will grow a propagule from its leaves, which can then be planted to grow a new Mangrove tree, meaning you don’t have to destroy any part of the tree to grow a new one! What’s more, Mangrove trees are rooted, with new Mangrove Roots and Muddy Mangrove Roots blocks branching off into the ground.

wild update mangrove 1.19 release date

Then, there’s mud. Made by pouring a water bottle onto a dirt block, Mud can also be found in Mangrove Swamps. By adding it to Mangrove Roots, you’ll craft Muddy Mangrove Roots, and add wheat, and you’ll get Packed Mud. Packed Mud, in turn, can then be crafted into Mud Bricks, a brand-new building block. But that’s not all! Place Mud above a pointed Dripstone, and it will eventually turn into a block of Clay.

Frogs… and Froglights!

Ribbit! Ribbit! There’s an adorable new mob you might see bouncing around a Mangrove Swamp, and that’s the Frog! Frogs will only spawn naturally in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps, meaning you’ll only be able to find the Temperate and Warm variants in the wild. However, find Tadpoles and let them grow up in a cool climate, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by Cool Frog variants (both in the temperature and awesome sense of the word).

Even Frogs come with their own new Block in The Wild Update, but they’re not easy to come by. You see, to obtain the gorgeous new Froglight, a colorful, light-emitting block, you’ll need a Frog to eat a small Magma Cube. Well, one lives exclusively in the Overworld and the other in The Nether, so you can see where the problem lies here. Better start farming those froggies and taking them on that long commute to The Nether,

The Allay

The Allay is the final new mob coming to Minecraft’s 1.19 update, and is going to be your new best friend. This adorable, blue, fairy-like creature wants nothing more than to lend you a helping hand, and will endeavour to fetch anything you need. Just give it an item, and it will return to you with more of the same. Don’t need anything from it right now? Great! Your new bestie will simply float along behind you, keeping you company on your long adventures through the Overworld.

While there’s plenty more coming to The Wild Update, such as the new Respawn Compass and Goat Horns, these are the big changes. And, for these and more, you can always check out our Minecraft hub, so you never miss the latest Minecraft information.

When is the Minecraft 1.19 release date?

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, is being rolled out on June 7, 2022, when it will be available on all platforms, across Bedrock, Java and Pocket Editions of the game. On console, you will need to download the latest version, while Java PC players will be able to jump straight into the newest version from the Launcher, or continue playing older ones!

What new feature are you most looking forward to when the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update release date rolls around? Let us know in the comments below!

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