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What They Want in the Workplace

  • Gen Z is paving the way for change in the post-pandemic workforce.
  • They prioritize a good working environment, demanding flexibility and wellbeing benefits.
  • Without it, they have no problem quitting for a job that offers what they’re looking for.

A new generation of workers is in town.

Gen Z is now the youngest of the workforce, and, as every new generation is wont to do, they’re shaking things up. For them, a good working environment is what matters most — a job that is meaningful at a company that makes a difference, aligns with their social views, and offers mental health support.

They’re demanding all these things in a new, bold fashion, turning flexibility and wellbeing from workplace perks to workplace norms. “The quest for a workplace that respects boundaries and needs is baked in generationally,” Lauren Stiller Rikleen, president at Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership and author of “You Raised Us, Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams,” previously told Insider. “That will not change. With each new generation, this will get stronger.”

If their job doesn’t fulfill those requirements, they have no qualms about quitting for a better one. It’s why the generation is helping to lead the Great Resignation alongside millennials. But many are also experiencing “shift shock” after starting their new job, realizing that it wasn’t what they thought it would be. 

Meet the typical Gen Z worker.

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