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Now that I’ve been consistently working out for about 6 months, I wanted to share what I like to sweat in. I used to only buy really cute workout stuff but honestly, so much of that just isn’t great for training – at least for me. These days, I try to balance finding stuff that actually supports a good workout – while still feeling somewhat cute. I’ve tried a lot of pieces over the last 6 months and here’s what I grab for the most. You can find more of my workout looks on LTK.

Let me know if y’all would want to see a blog post breaking down my honest thoughts on personal training or how that’s going.

xx Ashley

LEGGINGS: These Lululemon High-Rise Leggings are my go-to for most workouts. I also have recently discovered this brand which I really like. They feel more fashion-forward while being comfortable and supportive of workouts.

BIKE SHORTS: If you’ve been around for a while, you know I have a serious obsession with bike shorts. Living in Dallas, they’re my go-to in the summer months for casual wear, and now that I’m training through the summer, I’m using them for workouts as well. The Anine Bing Biker Shorts are newish to me and TBH, I don’t want to wear anything else. They’re incredibly supportive and suck you in nicely, while not being too restrictive, you know?

TOPS: The tops I wear are pretty basic. I link this Mesh Back Tank and this Racerback tank (lots of cute colors!) for sweaty workouts. I also like this Long Sleeve if I’m wearing my biker shorts or am doing a lot of mat work so that I have my arms covered. Love the thumb holes as well.

SNEAKERS: I feel like I’m behind with the APL trend but now that I know…I know. I love them so much that I’ve pretty much gotten rid of any other workout trainer. I’ve even convinced Austin to do the same. I have quite a few colors now and wear these and these the most often.

ACCESSORIES: As you guys know, I have a (very) large chest and it’s honestly been one of the reasons I’ve never stuck to a consistent workout routine. I’ve tried every. sports. bra. ever. and this velco bra has been my favorite in terms of support. It’s great but I will say, high impact still isn’t completely comfortable…just being honest…but it’s by far the best that I’ve found. As for socks, these are my favorite for non-show and non-slip.

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