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What I Think of the Balenciaga Sneakers After Wearing Them for 6 Months

Alright y’all, it’s time to review one of the most polarizing items I’ve ever bought (lol), the Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers. Seriously though, from the minute I shared that I was looking at these sneakers in Vegas last year, I heard strong thoughts from y’all on DMs. Half of you loved them, half of you hated them. Which, I understand, they’re not for everyone, but after about 6 months of wearing them, it’s time for my review.

Obviously the dad sneaker is a trend and it won’t be here forever, but I’m behind it when done right. I wear sneakers regularly and I thought the dad sneaker was a fresh approach to regular gym shoes or whatever. And honestly, I love that more athletic-looking sneakers are now acceptable to wear with just about everything…because let’s be honest, they’re comfortable.

If you’re on the fence about the trend, I wouldn’t suggest investing in a designer pair, because, unlike bags, these probably won’t have the best re-sell value since they’re shoes BUT if you’re behind the trend, keep reading for my review.

By the way, I also have reviews for the Chanel Loafers and Medium Chanel 10 Bag. Let me know if there’s anything else that I own that you’d be interested in hearing my honest thoughts for.

xx Ashley

balenciaga sneakertriple s sneaker review


I’m in a 38 and they are a bit snug, but the 39 was too big. I usually get a 8.5 in sneakers.


Balenciaga store in the shops at Crystals in Vegas.


They are heavy, which I wasn’t expecting, but overall they’re very comfortable.




+ These are my favorite and probably most worn sneaker. I wear them with leggings, joggers and will wear with biker shorts this summer. I know some people pull them off with dresses and skirts as well, but I haven’t done that.

+ I’ve worn them probably 50+ times and they still look brand new, which speaks to the quality.


If you love the style, yes. I’ve gotten tons of wear out of them so I’m glad I splurged. If you don’t see yourself wearing sneakers often or want to dabble in the dad sneakers trend, go with something more affordable since there are so many options.

Steve Madden has a similar pair for under $100 if you’re not sure about the trend but want to test it out. These are $275 but a very similar look and style. Personally, I also love pretty much everything Nike has done with the dad sneaker look like these TC 7900 Sails and the Nike Air Huarache Sneaker. Lastly, I wouldn’t classify these Nikes as too similar because they’re quite different looking but they have that chunky sneaker feel and I just love the look of them.

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