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Warcraft Arclight Rumble impressions — Free-to-play friendly with some issues

World of Warcraft has been immensely popular since its launch in 2004, but the roots of the series are in real-time strategy. Arclight Rumble is the first time the series is returning to that format since Warcraft 3. Fans aren’t happy about it being a mobile title, especially since it is the first for the Warcraft series. We’ve had companion apps that let the player progress their WoW garrison, and Hearthstone was ported over, but this is Blizzard’s first full dedicated mobile entry in the franchise.

However, Arclight Rumble exceeds expectations. Free-to-play gamers can unlock new units and progress through the campaign at a solid pace without having to spend money. After 20 hours of playtime, I’ve been able to earn Gold and level up units without feeling like the in-game store is holding me back. Although the game is nowhere near as complex as Blizzard Entertainment’s other real-time strategy games, it still requires thoughtful coordination and planning to succeed against its hardest Leaders.

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