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V Rising Razer Cloak and Hood guide

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V Rising has dropped a patch to the end of May, bringing with it the usual round of balance changes and fixes. While the update is largely that, we have to go with two new items, the Razer Cloak and Razer hood. The patch notes mentioned those two items are in the game, and there are T1/2/3 versions of it too. Here is what we know about V Risings Razer Cloak and hood.

How to get V Rising Razer Cloak and Hood

It appears that the Razer cloak is a cosmetic drop that behaves similarly to the tiered gear in each region. However, the sources of loot come from a variety of different places. We did our research and it seems to drop from anywhere. It seems to drop from bosses, fishing, looting and more. So, keep your eyes peeled in case it drops.

When it drops from a region, it takes on the stats of that region. If you’re in the bandit forest, it should behave similarly to the Nightstalker armor. Whereas if you’re in the T2 biome, it should operate like the Hollowfang, while the final one should behave like the Dawnthorn armor.

As for the hood, it should behave exactly like the other hoods in the game, albeit with a fresh look to it.

Overall it seems like Stunlock Studios seems to be happy to commit to new cosmetic appearances of items in V Rising, giving some form of character customization as you progress with your gear. This of course since V Risin and Razer have done a deal, so the color scheme is fitting with their iconic house style.

User flatfoot 9887 shared an image of their character using the hood on Reddit. In case you’re interested in what the hood looks like, you find the embed below.

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