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Ulta Offers “Newer” Customers 20% Which Is a Bit Annoying

Ulta sent out targetted 20% off prestige coupons to “newer customers” last night and hey, great but I can’t help but feel a little annoyed I didn’t get one. I’m a Diamond Rewards Member and I think the last time I saw 20% Off was just before Christmas and not since. I’ve gotten a few offers like $10 off $50 or $15 off $75 but I have a stockpile of Rewards Points and I’m waiting for 20% off to do a haul.

It’s rather disappointing they aren’t offering it to both new and older, loyal customers that spend money. I found it frustrating they do all these odd targeted coupons lately. It’s annoying. What’s the point of a reward system that only rewards a certain, select audience?

I imagine I’m being of a child about this as those who are newer and spend less probably feel the same way when those who are a bit older and spend more get more offers. The situation is reversed many times for newer customers which I’m sure is equally annoying and frustrating for them. I think I just feel a bit more entitled than someone newer who spends less. I remember Sephora was also doing this to entice newer customers to spend more but I do wonder does it leave older reward members left feeling alienated?

I know I feel a bit frustrated, alienated, and annoyed by it.

I’m not a small Ulta order kind of girl. I’ve even been shopping hardcore in-store lately as well. Recently, when my Benefit Blush order arrived broke from ASOS I shipped them all back, disputed with my credit card (as ASOS customer service was awful, and I ended up placing an order for all the shades from Ulta. That’s a pretty damn large amount of money and yet I have no 20% off in my inbox.

I’m a little upset. Blame it on Monday 🙂

What do you think?

Are you pissed Ulta sent out 20% off to “newer customers” versus older, more loyal ones?


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