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This Package Is Addressed To Me But The Contents Aren’t Mine!

What to do with a package that isn’t yours but has your address? I’ve recently had two packages that were addressed to me arrive at my home but the contents and the invoice inside were addressed to someone else.

The first time it happened with Sephora which was about a year or so ago and more recently it happened with a MAC Cosmetics I ordered about two and a half weeks ago. The address label shows my name and my address but the contents inside weren’t mine. I had ordered a few eyeliners from MAC during a sale and what I got was a powder, two concealers, and two brow pencils. I contacted them via text (Customer service texting is brilliant! Bobbi Brown and a few other Estee Lauder brands do this now!) and they replied immediately asked about my issued, apologized, and said they’d get my order out immediately. I asked about sending the items that weren’t mine back but they said it was fine I could keep them or gift them.

This was all nice and great but I was a little concerned that someone had my order information. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s likely harmless enough but I don’t entirely love the idea of my order number, name, address, and phone number out there. I immediately shredded the invoice my order came with which has me hoping whoever got mine did the same.

My MAC experience was pleasant enough but my Sephora one was not and I was reminded why when someone did a Tiktok recently saying she had placed a $942 order and only got an order that was $44 worth of product. The same weird thing happened to her where the package was addressed to her but the contents and invoice inside were not her own.

I got a little skeptical of her story when she said she called to rectify the issue and Sephora said she had excessive returns and they would not be replacing her order. I believe after a few phone calls she was finally able to get the problem sorted but regardless of whatever past issues she’s had with Sephora’s return department, I realized I had a bit of the same poor customer service from Sephora.

This exact same thing happened to me a year ago when I ordered some Perricone No Makeup Makeup. When my box arrived it was addressed to me but the invoice inside was someone else’s name and address and wasn’t anything I had ordered. I’m guessing whoever is boxing items are doing a few at a time and that’s where the mix-ups are happening.

I called Sephora that same day but it was a real run around with them. I rarely return anything to Sephora but they really treated me like I was the one at fault or as if I were lying about what happened. I offered pictures of the contents and invoice but was told I’d need to return it all, re-order the items, and I’d be given a credit to my account after the original order was returned. Mind you, I didn’t expect to keep the items I got but the fact I was out $200 some dollars and expected to do another $200 dollar order without getting my money back from the first order felt really crappy. I did do what was suggested but had to contact them two more times before I got a refund for the order I returned.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever gotten a package address to you but the contents inside are invoiced to someone else?

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