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This Beauty Creations Good Vibes Bundle Made Me a Red Eyeliner Lover Again

Hey, I noticed that I haven’t used red eyeliner in a really, really long time and I wanted to redeem that. I’ve been embracing a lot more color for my Summer looks this year. Bright yellows, bold blues, and of course, RED!

I absolutely love red eyesahdow and eyeliner. It makes my brown eyes pop! It’s not a traditional color by any means when it comes to eye makeup but it is fun and it’s perfect for Summer. I recently hauled the Beauty Creations Pastel Please PR Set and with that set, I snagged their Good Vibes Bundle which included a gel pot eyeliner, gel eyeliner pencil, and Color Base Primer. Because why not? It’s red and I love me some red!

I’ve been lining my eyes lately with the Beauty Creations Gel Pot in Hendrix. This is a multi-use gel that can be used anywhere on your face. They oddly don’t have a warning on their packing but this does contain dyes that are unsafe for eye use and on their website it states THE COLOUR CONTAIN A COLOURANT NOT APPROVED FOR THE EYE AREA IN THE USE. I’ve had no issues with it but a warning on the actual packaging would be great. Again, I’ve experienced no problems using it as an eyeliner but if you have sensitive eyes I would avoid it. Also, it’s very important I mention it does stain a bit. I had issues removing it and had to do a few passes over my eye with an eye makeup remover to get it off completely.

Now that I ruined all the fun…..


Beauty Creations Color Base Primer Swatch and Beauty Creations Gel Pot Liner Swatch

Colourpop has a similar shade on sale for $5 bucks if you want to go with a more mainstream brand! I had a blast with this liner though which is making me want to see how similar it might be to the Colourpop one! It looks like the Colourpop is a touch warmer which is making me want it as well.

This is a true primary red shade. It’s bright, bold, pigmented, and has a nice smooth creamy texture that glides on easily. That’s, of course, with the pot gel formula! I haven’t yet tried the eyeliner (it arrived broke) or the eye base primer but the pot gel was great. I had no issues creating a nice smooth line with its skip-free application. I typically apply it on my upper lash line and I make sure my waterline has a nice black applied to it as this really makes the red pop on my eyes. I didn’t get a flick in and went with a more straight line but I still think it looks pretty paired up with a glow-y blush!

Granted, red eyeliner isn’t for everyone but I’m loving it in some of my Summer looks.

Got any red eyeliner recommendations?

Do share them!

The Beauty Creations Good Vibes Bundle is $9.50 and includes three full-size products!

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