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These 12 Foods Crank Up Body’s Fat Burning Furnace

Here’s a fact that you need to know – eating fewer and fewer calories each day (without following a proper nutrient-dense diet) will eventually throw cold water on your weight loss efforts, not only by eating up muscle mass along with fat, but also by lowering metabolism and making it extremely difficult to shed weight after a certain point. Try as hard as you may, a sluggish metabolism would act as a major roadblock in your weight loss journey. Metabolism is a biological process through which the body torches up calories to gain energy. This process acts as a furnace where calories get incinerated. If you think you are doing everything right to burn fat, but still do not see any major difference on the weighing scale, all might not be well with your metabolism. But fret not, there are ways to fix the metabolism and crank up this body’s fat burning furnace. In fact, eating these 12 foods can fix the metabolism to a good extent. Read on for more details.

These Foods Crank Up Body Fat Burning Furnace

1. Coconut Oil: This oil has saturated fat with medium chain triglycerides that get converted into energy really quickly, and there’s a lower probability of them getting stored as fat. These MCTs also boost metabolism and helps reduce belly fat as well.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids From Sources Like Fatty Fish, Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, Fish Oil, Walnuts, etc.: Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to improve metabolism, lower levels of triglycerides in the blood, as well as boost the fat-burning process.

3. Coffee: The caffeine content boosts the release of epinephrine that stimulates the nervous system, encourages fat cells to break down stored fat, apart from fixing a sluggish metabolism.

4. Eggs: The high protein content in eggs keeps metabolic rate high and encourages fat burn as well.

5. Whey Protein: It’s a good source of protein that helps build muscles, prevents muscle breakdown, and most importantly, boosts metabolism and reduces appetite.

6. Oolong Tea: Sipping on oolong tea improves immunity, has antioxidants more than green tea, and also fires up metabolism at a faster pace.

7. Pistachios: Nuts like walnuts, pistachios, almonds are a good source of healthy fats, and you should make a conscious effort to include them in the daily diet, but pistachios have a slightly upper hand in improving metabolism and lowering the risk of prediabetes as well.

8. Chilli Peppers: The “capsaicin” compound in chilli peppers burns more calories, speeding up fat loss. This compound also increases satiety and decreases caloric consumption. Spices like chilli pepper is considered a thermogenic food that increases energy expenditure in the body through the process of thermogenesis where the body actually burns more calories to breakdown such food, converting these calories to heat form. Other thermogenic food that raise your body temperature and get more calories burnt are ginger, garlic, and turmeric.
9. Olive Oil: Make that important decision and switch to healthier oils such as olive oil to lower inflammation, improve metabolism, and get healthy fats as well to boost weight loss.
10. Yogurt: The calcium content in Greek yogurt and other daily products have been found to accelerate the process of fat burning.
11. Green Tea: Like caffeine, catechins found abundantly in green tea improves metabolism and accelerates fat burning.
12. Cold Water: We all know water is extremely important for the body to function smoothly, but when you drink cold water, more calories are utilized to warm up that water, and that’s what we need when we are trying to lose weight.

Summing up, to lose weight, it’s important to be on a diet plan that encourages you to eat healthy and consume optimum number of calories, and it shouldn’t be actually restrictive, and flexible enough to be continued for as long as you want. To lose weight fast, avoid crash dieting and instead start on the Rati Beauty diet which encourages you to eat healthy and delicious meals, is not based on the concept of food deprivation, and takes care of all your nutrient requirements, along with keeping you in calorie deficit so that you can drop extra pounds and burn fat consistently. You can check more details on the Rati Beauty app.

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