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The Complete List of Gaming Laptops with MUX Switch (June 2022)

Every laptop in this has either a MUX Switch or Advanced Optimus, both are basically the same thing. increasing gaming performance up to 20%. 

About This Table

These tables are 4 list of gaming laptops with a MUX Switch based on what people (reddit) , trusted review sites (notebookcheck) and manufacturers (Lenovo, ASUS, MSI, Acer) have published. It’s updated at least twice a month


Unlike other lists, this list ALSO has information ON:

GPU’s TGP (Wattage):  Because it is an equally, if not a bigger, factor for gaming performance. The higher the TGP also known as TDP or wattage, the more power it can draw and thus the more framerates it can output.

You can learn more about what is GPU’s wattage here.

Ideally you want a laptop with a high TGP GPU (130W+) + MUX Switch will give you the best gaming performance for a specific GPU. There’s a youtube who tested Dell G15 3060RTX against the 3070RTX, the 3060RTX beat it.

It does.. theres a youtuber who tested 115w 3060 vs 80 watt 3070 and the 3060 matched or beat the 3070 lol

Source:  A link corroborating the presence of a MUX Switch or Advanced Optimus. Note that only laptops with the specifications listed (CPU+GPU) will have a MUX Switch, do not buy models with different specifications (CPU+GPU).

Note: Advanced Optimus (A. Optimus) performs the same function of a MUX Switch without the need to restart the system. They’re technically the same thing.

3050Ti & Older GPUs

*All Dell G15 laptops have a mux switch except the 3050Ti

**You will need to update the BIOS for the Alienware X15, m15, X17, m17 models
** It may have either a MUX Switch or ADvanced Optimus.

** Alienware x15 x17 2022 R2 both have MUX Switches

  • Note: All ASUS ROG 2022 laptops have a MUX Switch. Source
  • Most Razer Blade laptops also have a MUX Switch with the exceptions here.
  • 2022 Razer Blade with the 12th generation and 6th gen Ryzen have a MUX Switch.
  • It is also safe to say that all MSI Raider 2022 laptops will for the most part have a MUX Switch

Plese also note that only models with the specs shown in the table will have a MUX Switch. For example the Lenovo 5 Pro with a 3060RTX or a 3070RTX will have a MUX but not the 3050Ti Model


If you got any questions or comments or maybe even know about a laptop with a MUX Switch not on this list, please leave a comment below.


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