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Gameplay has been revealed for Sonic Frontiers. Over at IGN they showed off the first Sonic Frontiers gameplay as a world premiere.

Sonic Frontiers Shows New Mechanics

The Sonic Frontiers gameplay shows off the open-world island that Sonic has found himself on and digs deeper into the traversal options that you’re given. Sonic himself can run up walls in addition to the traditional running that he does, and springs are dotted around the island in various places. He can also climb up walls if that’s more your thing. You can even grind around rails dotted around the island similar to older 3D Sonic games.

The open-world itself appears to be taking a much-more lifelike approach to design, with Sonic sticking out as something that doesn’t belong here. The gameplay also shows us Sonic taking a more methodical approach to his movement as he platforms, but can also go at incredibly high speeds as he explores the land, using a boost system. There’s some severe pop-in during this moments, but that’s likely due to the fact that the game is quite a way away currently, with no indication or even a hint of a release date in any of the currently released materials for the game.

When was Sonic Frontiers revealed?

Sonic Frontiers was first revealed last year during The Game Awards, and promises a very different approach to the series. Several fans of the series have compared it to Breath of the Wild in how it aims to redefine the Sonic series going forward and give players something to hold onto as a future for the series. This is clearly visible in how the gameplay trailer shows what appears to be different side activities and puzzles dotted throughout the world itself.

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