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Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion: What is it and how it works?

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Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion is the new game mode that has launched with the latest iteration of the series. The game mode offers players the chance to play as an Axis sniper during the campaign, which allows you to hunt down the main character in the campaign. It is a fun little twist to the whole invasion PVP game modes that have started to resurface over the last year and a great addition to the game with its many other multiplayer features. Let’s take a closer look at the Axis Invasion mode.

How does Sniper Elite 5’s Axis Invasion work?

The new game mode is an opt-in mode built into the campaign. When you start a campaign mission, you have the choice to turn on a mode called Axis Invasion. What that does is allow players who queue the Axis Invasion game mode to enter the game as a Jager Sniper, an elite sniper of the German army.

When a campaign mission becomes an Axis Invasion mode, the allied player using Karl will need to run around the mission they are on as normal, doing the main story or the secondary objectives or whatever they want. Meanwhile, the Axis Sniper’s job is to track and eliminate Karl before they successfully extract from the mission.

While on mission, the Axis Sniper will gather intel on Karl’s whereabouts based on the signals the AI Germans give off. If the allied player gets detected with red exclamations, that position will be revealed to the Axis Invader. So, stealth is a key feature for the allied player in this game mode.

Moreso, the Allied player has some added perks too. There are dial-in boxes all over the map that the Allied player can use to get a rough idea of the current location of the German player. However, using these boxes too many times will cause the german to work out your exact position, so you must use them wisely.

It is also worth mentioning that the german sniper can booby trap those booths. So, never trust those boxes. It is highly unlikely you will get caught out by a booby trap, but, it’s worth mentioning.

Also, it is possible for two players to play a coop campaign mission and have Axis Invasion enabled. It means that the german invader will hunt two snipers rather than the usual one. How exciting.

The final point is that Axis Invasion is considered its own game mode, with its own unlocks. The more you succeed in Axis Invasion the more likely you are to get skins and character unlocks for the mode and ha character unlocks and a unique axis invasion level to show off on your account.

This concludes this Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion game mode guide. For more content, feel free to check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub.

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