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Skate 4 Rumoured To Be Revealed In July

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Skate 4 has been quite quiet for a while. There was an early leaked look at the game in April, but other than that nothing else. At least, until now.

Skate 4 Coming Back Next Month?

Tom Henderson at TryHardGuides has the following to say on the topic of Skate 4:

Sources have suggested that Skate 4, or simply skate, will be revealed next month. It’s understood that the game has been undergoing extensive playtesting these past few months with the title being much further along in development than people may have thought.”

The game was revealed last year with a trailer that consisted entirely of the developers confirming that they are in fact working on the game, and we’ve not seen or heard anything about the game since then with the exception of the leaked footage from earlier this year.

When Did We Last See The Series?

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Skate hasn’t been seen on any platform since 2010’s Skate 3 released, and fans have been crying for the series to come back for over a decade now. Their dreams were realized with the announcement of Skate 4, although many fans have been wondering when we’ll see this game show up again. Currently you can actually play Skate 3 and Skate 1 on Xbox thanks to backwards compatibility, so if you’re craving some stunt work you can go play them right now.

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