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Saints Row Boss Creator Brings The Series Back On Top

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The character creation tools in the Saints Row franchise have always been at the forefront of the game. It’s one of the few games of its ilk that allows you to turn yourself into the Incredibly Hulk but with an absolutely massive beard, after all. What with the series having being gone now since 2015’s Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, there’s been a significant evolution in our character creation tools since Saints Row was last relevant, though. With Cyberpunk 2077 , Elden Ring and even modern WWE games pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible when it comes to our custom characters, the Saints Row reboot hopes to put their name back on the map by releasing a Boss Creator tool before the full release of the game, but how does it hold up against the best of the best? Can it find a way to make people even more excited for the new Saints Row game or not?

Saints Row Encourages Deep Creation

First thing’s first, the Boss Creator to the new Saints Row game is incredibly in-depth. You can basically create whatever you want, with every single hue of the rainbow available for every single part of your character, from hair to skin tone to the color of their feet. You’re able to change your eye color, your hair color and type, your outfit, and your genitalia. It’s a time-sink for sure, something that you can spend hours in before even starting the actual game.

You can really create whatever you want in the game, and it’s a long process too. I’ve created two characters in this boss creator so far, and altogether they’ve taken me just over an hour to make exactly what I want them to be. I’ve made both a male and a female character so far, although you really don’t have to stick to the gender binary when you’re creating characters in Saints Row. Like in previous games, the game doesn’t really require you to gender your boss, so just get as creative as you want and do whatever you want to do.

Creation Systems Galore

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It’s not like this is just a one-and-done thing, either. Any bosses you create in the Saints Row Boss Creator can be uploaded and then later downloaded by your own account when you play the final release of the game. There are limitations to this, however. In order to download your character, you have to be playing on the same platform that you made them on, but as a way for users to get around this Volition has made a system similar to WWE games in that you can upload your creations to a server that will allow anybody to download it onto their system, regardless of which platform they were created on. It’s a good system for the game to implement, especially when the creativity of the internet is so utterly wild that you’ll likely be even able to play as Shrek himself in the game, finally making him the king of his own swamp.

If the Saints Row Boss Creator is any indication of the depth and quality that the final product is going to have, then we’re in luck. The options on display are detailed, fun, and above all else, easy to use even if you’ve never used a character creator before. It’s up there with the best character creators in recent years, standing toe to toe with Cyberpunk 2077, Baldurs Gate 3, and other games of that ilk. Look to download this and make your ideal boss so that you can use it in your final game come August.

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