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Rogue Legacy 2 Class guide: Mage

The Mage is the first primarily magic-using class in Rogue Legacy 2. While many classes like the Valkyrie and Astromancer make good use of the game’s myriad of magical options, and others like the gunslinger perform better the higher their Int score, no class will be firing off as many spells as the Mage. From the moment you unlock this class, you’ll be draining mana from your foes and using it as a pipeline to fuel a consistent flow of devastating magical effects. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your many Mages with our Rogue Legacy 2 class guide.

Rogue Legacy 2 Mage Weapon

The Mage’s primary weapon in Rogue Legacy 2 is the Wand of Blasting. The Wand shoots out a projectile a short distance ahead of the caster. You are able to tell how far the projectile will fly based on a targeting reticule.

While the Mage’s low overall health means that you will usually need to keep your distance from foes, the Wand of Blasting encouraging not fleeing entirely. Activating the wand from close enough means that the projectile it fires will hit the enemy and cause a secondary detonation, dealing two separate sources of damage. On top of this, the wand itself deals damage when swung, meaning that keeping a Mage up-close to enemies is as rewarding as it is risky. In addition, whenever the Mage spends 50 mana, they will enter a charged state for a short time, ensuring that the next weapon hit within this window will be an automatic skill crit.

Rogue Legacy 2 Mage Talent

The Mage is a unique class in Rogue Legacy 2, in that its class talent is not a talent at all, but a spell. The Mage receives a utility-based spell in place of what would normally be their class talent. And additionally, their magic slot will be initially occupied by a damaging spell. As a result, the mage starts out with a much broader and more versatile magical arsenal than the other classes.

Mage Class Passive

The Mage’s Class Passive in Rogue Legacy 2 is called Syphon. Syphon is the heart of what makes this class such an arcane powerhouse. When a Mage hits an enemy with any of their available weapons, Syphon activates the Mana Leech effect, rapidly restoring mana to the mage while that enemy still lives. In addition, the Mage receives a chunk of mana back if the enemy dies while Mana Leech is active. This ability allows you to be able to cast your spells with far greater regularity than most other classes, turning you into a spell-slinging nightmare.

When playing as a Mage, it is a necessity to quickly work out a synergy between your attacks and spells. Proper utilisation of Mana Drain is a needed in order to get the most out of the class, as you should be using your spells as often as possible.

Mage Secondary Class

As opposed to a case like the Ranger, whose secondary class simply offers a variation on their traditional class gameplay, the Mage’s secondary class drastically changes how the class plays. Transforming its basic attack from a long-ranged careful source of damage to a screen-covering melee powerhouse.

Unlocking Charon’s Scythe from the soul shop and equipping it during character selection turns the Mage into a Reaper. Rather than relying on the Wand of Blasting to drain mana for your spells, the Scythe is a strength-based weapon that deals considerable damage in its own right. The properties of the Scythe’s attacks are also unique and interesting. Attacking with this weapon causes you to dash forward and swing in a large arc twice.  The first swing will automatically be a skill crit against enemies with most of their health remaining, whereas the second will automatically crit on enemies that are on low health. This means that Charon’s Scythe is useful in almost any scenario, from striking a decisive first blow to finishing off weakened foes before they have chance to retaliate.

As a warning however, Charon’s Scythe does not render you invincible while its attacks propel you forwards. So, unless you are reasonably confident that you will be able to finish an enemy off in your first sequence of attacks, it’s usually beneficial to attack with Charon’s scythe while airborne.  This will allow you to sail overhead without taking damage, while the bottom half of your swing still connects and deals damage.

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