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Rogue Legacy 2 Class Guide: Duellist

The Duellist is the speedy, acrobatic swordsman of Rogue Legacy 2, striking rapidly and dodging away in the blink of an eye. These daring swashbucklers court death and danger by getting right up into the fray, relying on only wits and timing to stay alive and uninjured. While not quite as vitality heavy as other primarily melee classes, the Duellist nevertheless boast excellent survivability through dodging and mitigating damage altogether. With the proper rhythm of dodging and attacking mastered, you can weave and roll between enemy attacks, riposting at every open opportunity. We’ll show you how to make the best out of this quick and deadly class with our Rogue Legacy 2 Duellist guide.

Rogue Legacy 2 Duellist Weapon

The Duellist’s primary method of attack is the Saber. While individual Saber attacks do not deal as much damage as something like the Barbarian’s Labrys axe, the Saber can be swung quicker than any other melee weapon in Rogue Legacy 2. As a result, if Duellists can keep up the pressure on their enemies, they can quickly deal ridiculous amounts of damage. In addition, any dash attacks with the Saber turn into automatic skill crits, further increasing the Duellist’s damage-dealing capacity.

The Saber’s attack animations differ depending on whether you areattacking in the air or on the ground. But no matter your positioning, you should always be looking to keep a steady stream of attacks going when playing the Duellist. And this is helped and incentivised by aerial attacks being able to combo into ground attacks once the Duellist’s jump or fall is finished.

Rogue Legacy 2 Duellist Talent

The Duellist’s talent is the Combat Roll, and it is this that provides the class with such a high degree of survivability while boasting only an average amount of health. When performed, Combat Rolls spin the character forward, covering ground and passing through any enemies in the way. The Duellist is temporarily immune to damage while performing a Combat Roll, and any enemy that comes into contact with the rolling Duellist takes damage. The skill is excellent for repositioning and otherwise avoiding sure-fire damage. And you don’t even have to save it for the most dangerous circumstances, as the Combat Roll recharges incredibly quickly, taking only two seconds to do so!

Duellist Class Passive

The Duellist’s class passive in Rogue Legacy 2 is called Show-off. Along with the rapid attack speed of the Saber, Show-off is what really elevates the Duellist’s damage potential to the next level. The passive effect of Show-off means that any time you perform a talent as the Duellist, your next weapon attack becomes an automatic skill crit. With how quickly your primary talent – the Combat Roll – recharges, Show-off will almost always be in effect, granting you a steady stream of skill crits to boost your damage output.

With both Show-off and automatic dash attack skill crits at your disposal, there’s really no excuse for not critting as often as possible. Make proper and regular use of your talents and watch those golden numbers fly! And if you happen upon any Relics or Runes that further increase crit chance or damage, make sure to equip them as fast as possible.

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Duellist class guide. For more Rogue Legacy 2 content, including further in-depth guides to classes, bosses, relics and biomes, be sure to check out our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!

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