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REVIEW: Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes

2022 is the year of drugstore liquid blushes— I’m calling it. I’m seeing so many brands drop new, exciting blush formulas and I was absolutely stoked about the launch of the Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes.

The Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes are a mere $5 at Walmart, and come with a built-in pointed sponge tip.

This liquid blush has a lightweight feel, and offers a soft matte finish. Upon swatching all six shades, I did notice very subtle variation in texture between them. Some were a bit creamier, some were very thin and truly liquidy.

I am loving the color range they started this collection with, even with just six shades at launch. The range goes from a pale pink to a deep plum, so you’re likely to find a shade that will look great with your skin tone.

Swatches of Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes Blended | Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes Review | Slashed Beauty

As you may be able to see from the swatches, Bellini, Paloma, and Cosmo all apply a bit more opaque than Rose, Mai Thai and Sangria which have that thinner consistency. Regardless, all shades can be blended out for a softer appearance.

It’s important to note that the built-in sponge holds way more product than necessary when applying— a little goes a long way. I highly recommend dotting on the product by pressing the sponge tip onto the skin, then using a stipple brush or damp sponge to blend it out. Start with 2 dots first– it’s very easy to over apply, and these are incredibly pigmented.

Speaking of blending, you have to work fast with these liquid blushes! These start drying down to their matte finish extremely quickly. If you don’t blend fast enough, there is a chance of them looking uneven or too strong. Using a damp sponge will help keep the formula workable a bit longer.

Open tube of Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blush with built-in sponge | Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes Review & Swatches | Slashed Beauty

Because of this, I felt a major learning curve for using this product, as my first attempt actually ended up looking super patchy since I didn’t blend enough before it dried down.

I also wouldn’t recommend blending with your fingers— this ends up picking up blush as you try to blend it, leaving it spotty.

Miranda wearing Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blush in Mai Tai | Profusion Blush Hour Liquid Blushes Review & Swatches | Slashed Beauty
Wearing Mai Tai

Once I got the hang of application, though, I was in love with these little $5 blushes. They dry down matte but not dry or cakey, and the color lasts. When I was able to apply evenly, it stayed that way all day without fading or separating.

Because of their unique liquid-to-matte formula, I find that these work well on all sorts of foundation finishes— I’ve even applied them successfully over powered foundation! I truly believe they feel and perform at a high end level, which makes the price even more of a shock.

If you’re willing to be patient while getting the hang of how the formula blends and sets, the Profusion Cosmetics Blush Hour Liquid Blushes are truly a drugstore gem. Find them at Walmart for $5.

Which Blush Hour shade do you like best?

– Miranda

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