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REVIEW: L.A. Girl Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette

Oh how I’ve missed festival season… not just for the actual festival part, but for the amazing beauty looks that come out of it every year! With major events finally returning, so are festival makeup releases. The first of this year’s line up: the L.A. Girl Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette.

The Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette is only $15.99 and features 16 punchy shadows in matte, shimmer and foil finishes. The palette itself is super travel-friendly in sturdy hard plastic packaging with a full-size mirror inside. If you’re attending a festival, this will be a must-pack!

I was immediately drawn to this palette, which offers gorgeous color combinations. From warm golds and berries to stunning greens and purples, there is so much color variety inside while also being approachable. The shades easily mix and match well to create endless cohesive looks. I also feel like they didn’t lean too heavy in any one category– there are about two to three shades in each of the four main color families: golds/oranges, pinks/purples, greens, and blues.

 L.A. Girl Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette Swatches | Slashed Beauty

From the swatches above, you can see that these shadows pack a lot of pigment. I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant each shade was– even that light matte green! The only shade I wasn’t a huge fan of was the top left color: Blur, a white foil. The consistency was nearly creamy, but it was hard to blend for an opaque appearance and kept looking chunky no matter how I swatched it. The others remained smooth, even, and blendable.

Eye look created with the L.A. Girl Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette | L.A. Girl Festie Bestie Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review | Slashed Beauty

Above is a look I created with four different shades from the palette. I was stunned at how well the colors worked together across finishes. You can see I was going for somewhat of a chrome look, and I am obsessed with the results. These shadows were so easy to pack on and their buttery texture made them a dream to work with. With primer, this look lasted all day with absolutely no creasing, staying as bright as when it was freshly applied.

Get the Look:

Tap through the tutorial below.


The one downside if I’m being super picky: glitter fallout. These shades have gorgeous shimmer to them but because of their soft consistency, they tend to drop shimmer all over your under eye as you apply. I would definitely recommend doing your eyes before foundation when using this palette, so that you can use a wipe to clean up any rogue glitter.

This is going to be a palette I reach for constantly in the next few months, especially after my last eyeshadow palette declutter. In fact, this palette will personally get a ton of use beyond spring and summer, with those deeper jewel tones making it perfect for fall and winter. The brand truly hit it out of the park on the color choices.

– Miranda

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