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Pokemon Unite Receives Major Balance Patch and Path Settings

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Pokemon Unite is one of the best casual MOBAs out there but Nintendo has had difficulties keeping the game’s balance in check. There were a lot of outliers in the previous update that was simply too weak or too strong in the meta. The developers have made some important changes to fine-tune the kit of most Pokemon and we can expect a healthier meta moving forward. More changes will be coming in future patches if the current balance patch fails to balance out the meta for Pokemon with extremely high pick rates.

Dozens of balance Changes

Among all of the balance changes, the update to Slowbro’s kit feels like it is the most impactful. Its Slowbeam attack’s charge rate has increased and it is noticeably faster. Additionally, Scald now deals more damage to opposing Pokemon while the move’s movement speed decrease has been strengthened. The attack decrease of the move has also been given a buff, making it a solid all-around buff for Slowbro. 

New Path Settings

In this update, a new Path Settings option has been added to the Pokemon select screen! Here, each path is now visible to the team to see. Having this feature makes calling out lanes easier, which can help avoid confusion at the start of the game. This is especially useful when you are queued in a Ranked Match.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Blastoise saw some important changes to its kit. The effect on the user changed from Unstoppable to Hindrance when using Rapid Spin which was a heavily requested change. The cooldown for Hydro Pump has also been reduced to just 7 seconds. But something that a lot of players are not happy about is the damage reduction for Hydro Typhoon from 2666 to just 2023. It is a huge nerf and there is already an outcry by fans to revert the change.

The only item that has been changed in the new update is EXP share with its effect being strengthened. It was simply being outclassed by other items in the game and it is nice to see that the XP gains are now substantial when using the item on any Pokemon. If you want to check out the official patch notes, click here. If you want to find out how to get yourself a shiny Pikipek, you can check out our guide here.

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