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Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush Review & Swatches

Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush ($12.49) is a new Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter, and Tucuma Butter infused, cruelty-free blush with a sweet strawberry scent. This is one of the brand’s hottest picks at the moment and a little difficult to locate outside of their website. It went viral courtesy of Tiktok and sold out at Ulta and I haven’t had a ton of success finding it in-store however, the Physicians Formula does have it in stock! I got mine in the beauty Physicians Formula Bread & Butter Collection PR Box that I purchased from their website that includes this blush, two bronzers, a highlighter, and three glosses.

I dunno about you but still get terribly excited about scented makeup! It’s sort of making a cool come back at the moment and I’m here for that. Remember the Covergirl Peaches and Chocolate Collection and L’Oreal’s Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette. And of course, who can forget the OG that started it all, Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette!

I realize it’s not for everyone but I get a certain joy out of scented makeup and Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush doesn’t disappoint!

Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush is $12.49 and holds 0.19 oz of blush. It comes in a dual compartment compact that features the blush on the upper level and a brush and mirror on the bottom. I’m convinced Physicians Formula heard my rants from year’s ago because the brushes that come with their products lately are SO much softer than the scratchy ones from the past.

One of the cutest aspects of the blush isn’t the sweet strawberry scent but the adorable strawberry design on the blush. HOW cute am I right? Sadly, it’s overspray and completely disappears once you swipe your brush through it. I have such a broken heart about this that I can’t talk further on the topic. Sigh.

As per Physicians Formula, this is an “ultra-creamy blush with a radiant glow finish that provides natural color”. Ehhhh I beg to disagree. It’s very soft, silky with a bit of powdery kick up. It applies and blends easily. Initially, the shade applied reddish pink on my cheeks due to the strawberry overspray but once those disappear you’re left with a warm watermelon pink blush. It’s not a shade I’d recommend if you have redness in your cheeks. I could be wrong but I also feel like it might look a bit chalkier pink on darker skin tones but light-medium to medium should get a nice, natural rosy blush from it! I do wish it had the radiant glow it promises. A hint of shimmer or a little bit of a sheen would make this so delightfully pretty. Sadly, it’s a satiny blush sans any shimmer, sparkle, or glow. It does wear incredibly long and has very intense pigment so do use a lighter hand during application.

And wow the smell! It smells incredible. It’s a very strong strawberry shortcake scent to my nose. It smells like a Strawberry Shortcake doll I had as a child. Once applied the smell disappears but as soon as the compact is open it hits you right in the face. I LOVED IT! But sensitive users do beware as this is a pretty strong scent.

Please excuse my too bright face. The lighting in my guest bedroom’s bathroom was particularly bad today!

Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush is delightfully adorable. Is it the best blush I’ve ever used? No! Do I wish the pink was a bit more glowy? Yes! Is it terribly cute and flattering on my cheeks? Absolutely. I’d totally recommend checking it out! Especially if you love cute makeup!

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Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush is a new, strawberry-scented blush that launched for Spring 2022. This blush comes in a dual compartment compact that holds 0.19 oz of blush and will set you back $12.49. It features the blush on the upper level of the compact and a mirror and brush on the bottom. It’s heavily scented with a strawberry shortcake-like scent that was very pleasant to my nose. The blush is silky and has a satin finish that didn’t cling to the drier areas on my cheeks. It wore for a solid 7 hours without fading and had excellent pigment but I highly recommend using a light touch during application as it is very pigmented. The shade is a warm medium pink but the oversprayed strawberries will initially give a reddish-pink finish until they disappear.


  • Smells amazing!
  • Soft and silky.
  • Pigmented!
  • Wears long!
  • Cute packaging and design.


  • Potentially not a great pick for anyone with redness in their cheeks.
  • No glow or radiance as promised.


Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush is a must for cute makeup lovers!

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