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NKD SKIN Cruelty Free Self Tanner Review

I’m a self tanner fiend. I know most of you don’t believe that because I’m always so pale! But even with a medium level faux tan, I am still pretty light. I need a heavy duty dark tan before anyone even notices. But, even a medium tan makes me feel about ten pounds thinner! Plus, it covers up a lot of skin stuff (like KP and red spots on my arms). It’s kind of like wearing a Photoshop filter all the time. Plus, it’s summer, and I don’t want people to know that I’m actually a vampire. So… let me tell you about NKD SKN.

NKD SKN is a cruelty free self tanner collection put out by Vita Liberata. The Natural Tan Tinted Lotion is SO good! I’m in love. But first, let me tell you about the product I didn’t love. I first tried their new Pre-Shower Tan (for a gradual tan), and although I appreciated that it didn’t give off much odor, I didn’t understand the point of putting it on, then showering (WITHOUT SOAP) and then showering again after eight hours. Who showers without soap? It seems like much less work to just put on regular tanner right before bed (or whenever is convenient) and then take a normal shower after eight hours. I wasn’t really getting the point of it, so I moved on.

But then NKD SKN sent me the Natural Tan Tinted Lotion in Medium. They call it a gradual tanner, but I’d say it’s sort of a cross between a regular self tanner and a gradual self tanner. I was impressed with the deep medium shade it gave me after just one use. I applied it as I usually do, and then I went about my day. I didn’t have any meetings, so as a work-from-home blogger, I was able to test it out while I typed!

I was shocked by how much it DIDN’T smell. I have a super strong nose, and usually self tanner kills me – even the brands that say there’s no odor (there’s always SOME odor as far as I’m concerned). Until it really got cooking (a few hours in), I didn’t smell anything. When it started to really develop, I could smell it, but it was not as noticeable as most tanners. I feel that if I’m just hanging at home, or maybe just running basic errands, this would be totally fine to put on during the day. If I was going to be sitting next to someone at a movie, or going to a work event or party, I wouldn’t do it.

Basically, I feel that this opens up the door for me to use self tanner during the day while I work, and not gross myself out with the smell! I am not a huge fan of gradual self tanners – because I feel like they are a little more work. Even though the gradual self tanners are usually advertised as something you can put on instead of your regular body lotion, most have the potential to stain your palms by the time you’re done applying. I’d rather just get out the ole mitt and use regular tanner that will give me maximum color and last longer. NKD SKN Natural Tan gave me a pretty dark color that was on par with the medium self tanners I normally use, so even though it says “gradual tan” on the label, I don’t really consider it a gradual tanner.

Oh – and I did try it without a mitt, and ended up with streaks. I couldn’t see where I had applied it all that well. I got much better results by using a tanning mitt (which the brand recommends anyway). Those mitts help everything go on more evenly – even if you’re just applying a wash-off body bronzer. My only request to the brand is please add more guide color, so we can see where we’re putting it.

Natural Tan is made with shea butter, aloe vera, raspberry and pomegranate to soften and condition your skin. I’ll say it again – the smell was really mild for a self tanner – for someone who doesn’t have a dog-nose like me, it may not smell at all!

For best results, exfoliate before-hand, and make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of moisturizers and lotions before you apply. You can add a small amount of body lotion to very rough areas if you need to (feet, elbows, etc.). If you have very rough spots, they will turn darker when the DHA develops, so best to put a little bit of a barrier there first. To apply, just rub the mitt in small, circular motions and you shouldn’t have any streaks. Let it develop for 6-8 hours and then shower off (with soap). It will last for about 5-7 days depending on how often you bathe, and how aggressive you are with scrubbing and toweling off!

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