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Niod Stainless Steel Spoon Is The Perfect Tool for Skincare

Let me tell you sometimes you need a little spoon in your skincare life to make things easier! And if you want the best one out there I’d highly recommend snagging the NIOD Stainless Steel Spoon from Deciem. It’s the best $2.50 you’ll spend in life I can tell you that. Well, actually, it’s 23% Off (sitewide, no code needed) which means it’s only a buck ninety-two at the moment.

I’ve actually been using this for a few years now and I always haul a few when they go on sale! I just got two more when I grabbed some NIOD Hydration Vaccine as everything is 23% Off and I just wanted to stock up on a few of my NIOD favs. It made sense for me to grab a few of the spoons with my order.

I know what you’re thinking. “What’s the big deal? It’s just a spoon!”

Dude, noooo, it’s awesome.

So, sure, you can buy a bulk pack of spatulas from Amazon. And sure, they’re great but I find the spoon just a touch better to use. It has a small head, it fits into eye creams and jars easily and even lets you scoop that last bit of moisturizer or eye cream right out of a tube easily. It has a nice, long handle and if you flip it over you can apply smooth eye cream under your eyes with it and blend after.

It’s just handy not to mention very well made and easy to clean. I’ve had the first one I’ve purchased from NOID and it’s still going strong years later. I find spatulas come and go! Some snap, some wear down, and some are a bit too big, but this spoon is elegant, easy to use, well made, and easy to clean (I pop it in the dishwasher).

All in all, one of the only skincare spatulas/spoons you’ll need in your life in my opinion!

Does anyone own this?

Do share your thoughts on it!

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