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New Shades! Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick – BeautyVelle

Brand Description

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid is Dior’s 1st ultra-pigmented, liquid lipstick that doesn’t transfer in vibrant, ultra-matte colors. With optimal coverage and striking color, the liquid lipstick won’t settle into lip lines, fade, smudge, or feather.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid pushes the limits of long wear with an ultra-lightweight formula. With no heavy makeup effect and the comfort of a bare-lip feel, the color of this transfer-proof lipstick coats the lips with a seemingly flexible, weightless film and unprecedented* vibrant color. Rouge Dior Forever Liquid matte lipstick ensures optimal coverage for 12 hours** without compromising comfort, no matter the stresses of day-to-day life.

New Shades Include:

  • 840 Forever Radiant – a deep brick red
  • 300 Forever Nude Style – a deep taupe nude
  • 400 Forever Nude Line – a deep brown nude
  • 861 Forever Charm – an intense cherry red
  • 720 Forever Icone – the iconic Dior rosewood

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