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My Time at Sandrock – How to Get a Horse

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Though My Time at Sandrock’s map isn’t what you’d call expansive, gathering resources, romancing the townsfolk, and fulfilling commissions will have you running around an awful lot. To make getting across the map easier and speed up travel times, you’ll want to get a horse. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a horse in My Time at Sandrock.

How to Rent a Horse

On Day 13 of Summer Year 1, check your letterbox for a letter from Elsie offering to teach you how to ride a horse. Head to the Ranch Homestead northeast of the train station and chat to Elsie to trigger the Learning to Ride quest.

After a quick conversation with Cooper, select a mount and climb on, then follow Elsie for a brief riding lesson. With the quest wrapped up, you’ll have a rented horse free for the week and can gallop freely across Sandrock.

Once the initial loan runs out, you’ll need to drop by the Mount Store at the Ranch Homestead. Interact with the cash register to the left of the stable to rent a new horse. 

A one-week rental costs a steep 400-500 Gols on average. Like with most items and materials brought from stores in My Time at Sandrock, the price can seesaw up and down from day to day.

Can You Get Your Own Horse In My Time at Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Horse

Unfortunately, as it stands, My Time at Sandrock’s current Early Access build only allows you to rent a horse. 

Dialogue with Elsie during the Learning to Ride quest implies you’ll be able to build a stable to house your own stead. However, developer Pathea has yet to implement the feature. 

Based on a development roadmap published on June 1st, Pathea plans to add a mount training system and stables in an update scheduled for early August 2022. Until then, the weekly rental is the only way to get a horse in My Time at Sandrock.

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