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My Time at Sandrock – How to Get a Feather Duster

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In My Time at Sandrock, the Feather Duster is a key item for the Help Burgess Clean the Garden story quest, but it’s also a vital tool needed to clean sand off your machinery and keep your Workshop running smoothly

This page explains how to obtain and craft the Feather Duster.

How to Get the Feather Duster Recipe

First, you’ll need to visit the Commission Guild Store to buy the Feather Duster recipe. 

Head to the Commission Guild, the first building on the right as you enter the town, north of your Workshop. Interact with the cash register immediately to the right of the entrance next to Yan’s desk, and pay up 98 Gols for the recipe.

How to Craft the Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Feather Duster

Head back to your Workshop and interact with the Worktable to find your newly-acquired Feather Duster recipe. To craft the item, you’ll need:

  • x2 Wooden Sticks
  • x4 Feathers
  • x2 Thin Reads

You’ll likely have picked up the required materials by this point, so go ahead and craft the Feather Duster. If not, you can craft Wooden Sticks from wood. You can gather wood from wood piles and Yakthorn shrubs, or by processing wood scrap in the Recycler. 

As for feathers, these are dropped after defeating Rocket Roosters (you’ll find a cluster of them in the Eufaula Desert south of the Workshop). Otherwise, find them by kicking trees and cacti scattered near the Workshop. 

Lastly, you can craft Thin Thread from plant fiber, which you can find from harvesting bushes, grasses, and shrubs near the Workshop. Alternatively, you can take on My Time at Sandrock’s Bumble Ants (you’ll find a cluster immediately east of the Workshop towards Eufaula Salvage), who drop them reliably.

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get a Feather Duster

With the Feather Duster hand, you can help with the storm clean up and rid your machines of sand. You’ll know they need dusting when a red indicator appears above them as you approach or from sand piles building up around them.

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