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Minecraft Shroomlight — Everything you need to know

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Today we are going to be talking about the mystical Shroomlight, a block within Minecraft that was added during the 1.16 Nether Update update of the game. In this article, we will be discussing where you can find Shroomlight, as well as how you can use it in the game!

What Is a Minecraft Shroomlight?

The Shroomlight was added to Minecraft in the 1.16 Nether Update. There were a lot of new blocks and items added during this update, giving the Nether a complete overhaul, which included new biomes.

It is a light source that grows within branches of both Crimson and Warped huge fungi, whether grown naturally in The Nether, or with bone meal on a small Warped or Crimson fungus.

Where To Find It

Where To Find It

The Shroomlight is exclusive to the Nether, so if you’re looking for it in the Overworld, you’re not going to find it. To find a Shroomlight, you have to head into the Nether and find yourself a Warped Forest or a Crimson Forest. Both of these biomes are really easy to identify. Warped Forests are a deep cyan color, filled with Nylium and Huge Fungus that look like trees.

Where To Find It

Warped Forests are considered to be safer than other Nether Biomes because not many mobs spawn there, besides Endermen and Striders down by the lava. Crimson Forests are extremely similar, but instead, they have a crimson hue, hence the name.

Crimson Forests are more dangerous as well, herds of Hoglin and Piglins traverse this biome, so be careful when collecting the Shroomlight… Don’t forget to wear gold! Shroomlight can be found within the upper branches of the giant fungi in both biomes.

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Uses of the Minecraft Shroomlight

Shroomlight is used as a light source within the game. It emits a light level of 15, the same as Glowstone and Lava, and the highest light level possible.

You can use Shroomlight to make bone meal if you combine it with a composter as Shroomlight has a 65 percent chance of raising the compost level.

To farm Shroomlight, you can use your hand or any tool, but for fast farming, it is most effective to use a hoe. Shroomlight is mainly used as a light source, but it is also a popular choice for a decorative block. See what wonderful builds you can come up with!


All in all, the Shroomlight is a wonderful addition to Minecraft, allowing more diversity to your builds and light sources. It’s a favorite block amongst players and the Minecraft community, so hop into the Nether and go and find these wonderful fungi!

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