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Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel Is One Big Surprise

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel is possibly the biggest surprise I ever had the pleasure of experiencing from Lush! This was launched in celebration of Eid al-Fitr and doesn’t sound particularly appealing initially as Lush describes it as date syrup, with sandalwood oil, and refreshing orange juice. I dunno but it just didn’t sound great to me at all. Dates, orange juice, and sandalwood….

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! But it reminded me also, how surprisingly Lush can be. I remember my first Lush order a million years ago and how their descriptions sounded so exciting. It was all bubblegum and fairy gloss but when I got it I realized quickly their versions of bubblegum weren’t quite my own but nonetheless, I fell in love.

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel is def one of those surprisingly scents that you THINK you know what it smells like but in reality it smells way different. That’s what I call the Lush effect!

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel looks like thick, dark maple syrup but doesn’t worry it isn’t sticky at all! A little goes a very little way because this creates some intense lather. It creates tons of rich lather that felt lightly moisturizing on my skin.

And now the pleasant surprise…

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the scent. Sandalwood can be very pleasant with a nice warmth. This note along had me thinking it would make for a unisex scent. I wasn’t sure about the dates though nor the orange juice. How would those work with sandalwood?


I really get none of those notes here. This smells like a big giant vanilla cupcake topped with a swirl of creamy buttercream. Delicious! It’s such a warm gourmand fragrance! A spot-on duplication of a vanilla buttercream cupcake! As a lover of anything dessert scented this was so me. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Sweet, buttery, warm, with tons of vanilla. If they created a perfume I would happily shower myself in it. The scent also lingers quite nicely on my skin. I still have some Vanillary Body Lotion and it paired up perfectly with it.

Don’t sleep on Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel! This one looks a little unappealing but smells like the best kind of fluffy vanilla cupcake.


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