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Lost Ark Wild Wings Event Guide: Get Chicking Festival Coins

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Lost Ark’s Wild Wings Event is now live alongside the massive May update! The Wild Wings Event serves as an afterparty for the previous Arkesia Grand Prix and has very similar rewards ranging from essential honing materials to rapport chests, pirate coins, legendary card packs and more. In order to unlock these rewards, you will need to obtain Chicking Festival Coins by taking part in Wild Wings Island events and completing daily quests.

How to take part in the Lost Ark Wild Wings Event

The first thing you will need to do is accept the “Invitation to the Afterparty“ event quest from Chimek in any major city such as Vern Castle. You will be directed to Wild Wings Island just off the coast of Tortyk. Once you arrive, speak to Chimek again and he will give you the repeatable daily quest “Festival’s Success”. This quest requires players to catch ten chickens on the island, it is quick, and easy and rewards you with 200 Chicking Festival Coins.

There are also two repeatable events on Wild Wings Island that both reward Chicking Festival Coins. The first “Purify With the Heart” requires players to play the Heart’s Melody sheet music to complete and awards 100 Chicking Festival Coins. The second event, which takes place shortly after the first, requires players to transform either into a beer or a chicken. A giant Crispy Golden Chicking will then spawn which players have to kill in their transformed state. This rewards player with a whopping 900 Chicking Festival Coins.

It is also worth mentioning that the island requires an item level of 250, making it an event great for alt catch up or newer players who have got sailing and are pretty much level 50!

Where to spend your Chicking Festival Coins

Players can exchange their Chicking Festival Coins with a vendor located on Wild Wings Island itself, or in any major city. The rewards on offer are very similar to those that were available during the Arkesia Grand Prix Event. We recommend buying up whichever honing materials you need first, before moving on to cosmetic, currency or rapport rewards.

Lost Ark Wild Wing Island Location

The location of the Lost Ark Wild Wing Island is found just off the coast of Tortoyk. We have attached an image so you can see exactly where the island is for yourself. You need to visit this island to spend the Chicking Festival Coins that you earn through the daily missions.

That concludes this guide on Lost Ark’s Wild Wings Event. We hope you found it useful! Why not check out some of our other content and guides over at the Lost Ark Hub?

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