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Lost Ark Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide

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Night Fox Yoho is Lost Ark’s penultimate Guardian Raid (at the time of writing); it is the third Raid Level 5 and Tier 3 Guardian. This guide will break down the major mechanics you need to know for each phase of the fight. General attack patterns for this fight are similar to Flame Fox Yoho, so be sure to check out that guide if you need more tips.

Guardian Raids can be attempted solo or with up to three other players, the battle is then scaled for the number of players attempting the fight. Every player in your party will need to be item level 1370+ to take on Night Fox Yoho and have completed all of the previous Guardian Raids. If you need more players, you can use the “find party” or “matchmaking” features to quickly group up.

Lost Ark Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Mechanics and Tactics

First up, we have a few general tips to help with the Lost Ark Night Fox Yoho fight.

  • Battle Items – Like all Guardian Raids, you will want to have health potions and flares equipped. You will also want to have whirlwind grenades or destruction bombs for this one, But these two items will depend on how much destruction or stagger your party has from their abilities.
  • Fox Ladies – Night Fox Yoho will summon Fox Lady minions to assist in the fight. Players can also be turned into a Fox Lady; at which time they can be damaged by other players and will have a limited set of abilities. Make sure you can see all of your teammates before attacking them.
  • Night Fox Yoho is weak to holy damage.

Flame Fox Yoho major mechanics

It is fairly easy to tell when Night Fox Yoho is transitioning between phases, Yoho will become invincible for a short duration before teleporting to a new location. If you have a higher-than-average damage party, it is possible for Yoho to move between phases without using their major abilities.

Phase 1

  • Rotating Orbs – Night Fox Yoho summons four blue orbs, one in each direction. These orbs then begin to spin around Yoho. You will need to get out of the ring created within five seconds to not be transformed into a Fox Lady. You need to use a dodge or movement ability to pass the barrier created by the orbs as they deal damage and knock players back.
  • Blue and Orange Orbs – Night Fox Yoho will summon a lot of blue and orange orbs that move in straight lines across the arena. You will want to simply focus on avoiding these orbs whilst this is happening. Being hit by an orb deals damage, and being hit by three of the orbs will turn you into a Fox Lady.

Phase 2

  • Stagger Check – Night Fox Yoho curls into a ball and wraps its tail around its body, glowing and charging up energy. You need to hit Yoho with stagger abilities and whirlwind grenades during this time. If you successfully stagger Yoho, some buff orbs will spawn. If you fail to stagger Yoho, the whole party is transformed into Fox Ladies. Get a high stager class like the Gunlancer or Scrapper if you’re forming your own party.

Phase 3

  • Tornadoes – White rune rings will appear on the floor around Night Fox Yoho, slowing players close to her. After a few seconds, tornadoes will start to form around Yoho and fly in random directions. If players are hit by a tornado, they are frozen for seven seconds before turning into a Fox Lady. You can free your party members by hitting them if they become trapped by a tornado, this will also prevent the transformation. You want to stand at mid-range during this ability, this allows you to see if tornadoes are forming on your side, and in which direction they are flying. Plus, the tornadoes actually gain speed the further they travel so being closer gives you more time to dodge.
  • Tail Destruction – Throughout the third and final phase you have the chance to stagger Night Fox Yoho. If you successfully manage to knock her down, you should focus her tail with destruction abilities and bombs. If you manage to destroy the tail, Yoho stays knocked down for longer, some buff orbs will spawn and Yoho loses her defences for a short time, meaning you can deal more damage.

That concludes this Lost Ark Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide. We hope you found it useful! If you did, why not check out our Lost Ark hub for more great content?

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