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Is shiny Nosepass in Pokémon GO?

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Nosepass is a Generation III Pokémon, while its evolution, Probopass, was later introduced in Generation IV. Both are available to encounter in Pokémon GO, but can the two Compass Pokémon be found in their shiny forms? Read on to find out…

Can Nosepass be shiny in Pokémon GO?

While Nosepass was released to Pokémon GO in 2018, its shiny version was not introduced until over three years later, during the Searching for Legends event in 2021. But, yes, this does mean the shiny Nosepass is now available to encounter in Pokémon GO – if you’re lucky.

Can Probopass be shiny in Pokémon GO?

With Nosepass requiring a special evolution technique to become Probopass, the latter was not released to Pokémon GO until Lure Modules were added as an evolution method in 2019. At that time, neither shiny was available. However, shiny Probopass is available to catch in Pokémon GO, as it was released at the same time as its pre-evolution. While you can’t catch a shiny Probopass, you can evolve a shiny Nosepass into the shiny version of its evolved form.

How to evolve Nosepass in Pokémon GO

Just like evolving Nosepass into Probopass in the mainline games, there is a special requirement to evolving the Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO, too. While you will still need Nosepass Candies, 50 of them to be precise, you’ll also need to ensure you are near a Magnetic Lure Module. This can either be a Magnetic Lure Module you have put on a Pokestop, or one placed there by someone else, but you will need to be in its radius to evolve. You’ll know if you are by heading to the evolve screen on Nosepass’ page, and – if you are close enough – you’ll be able to evolve!

Nosepass evolution Pokemon GO Magenetic Lure

Nosepass Spotlight Hour 2022

Thanks to the Rock-type focus of Adventure Week 2022, Nosepass will be in the spotlight for Spotlight Hour on June 7, 2022. This is a great time to not only encounter a strong Nosepass and collect Candies for evolution, but also increase your chances of finding that elusive shiny Nosepass. If you’re lucky enough to find two, you’ll even be able to complete to Nosepass shiny family.

During this Spotlight Hour, Trainers will also be able to take advantage of the additional bonus of double Catch Candy, so don’t just catch those Nosepass, keep an eye out for any other Pokémon trying to get into the Spotlight themselves, and even use those Pinap berries for quadruple Candies!

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