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Is Patreon down? 500 internal server error

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Update: Most issues seem to have been fixed. With Discord and Patreon back up. However, with the rollbacks happening in chunks it may mean that not everyone has had the success of the fix.

This morning (UK time, 21st June) there have been a lot of websites failing to load. One of the affected sites is Patreon, displaying the 500 internal server error. Stopping you from accessing your behind-the-scenes content or accessing your audience hoping to give them their extra content.

The error comes from Cloudflare network issues and experiencing an outage. The company hosts a number of different websites and services and so experiencing any issues will affect many other sites. One of which is Patreon which is one of the many websites affected by the outage. The team has said it has identified the error and is rolling out a fix so the error should be on the way out and back up and running.

Why is Cloudflare down?

The CTO mentioned on Hacker News that the outage is from a problem with its backbone. Knowing what the issue is caused by allows them to fix the issue quickly. Capable of bringing all your favorite sites back up and running. Whilst the outage isn’t worldwide it is still affecting a lot of people. Whilst being rolled back and bringing them up back in chunks.

Other affected sites

There are plenty of other websites affected by the Cloudflare outage. Such as Discord, Monday (if you’re trying to get on with work it can be difficult), Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, NordVPN, VideoCardz, and Floatplane. So a range of affected websites if you got a bit peckish or trying to enjoy some media.

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