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Intel 12th Gen HX chips bring 16-cores to laptops for the first time — here’s what we know

Intel has announced several new HX mobile processors that include two Core i5, three Core i7, and two Core i9 versions of the new HX CPUs. We’ve reviewed several laptops already that feature Intel’s 12th Gen processors and they’ve all been solid performers. However, Intel is next leveling things with its new HX CPUs that arrive with 16-cores. Like the rest of Intel’s 12th Gen CPUs, the HX will use a hybrid design that splits between 8 performance cores and 8 efficient cores (sound familiar? *cough* M1 *cough*), with twenty-four threads and a max turbo boost of 5Ghz. 

The HX cores will come completely overclockable and unlocked, aimed directly at power craving content creators, gaming enthusiasts, and those sneaky data scientists who are secretly gaming instead of crunching numbers and making the world a better place. 

(Image credit: Intel)

Only four of the Intel HX processors will actually come with 16 cores, with the flagship Core i9-12950HX as the omega level iteration of the CPU that will have a base level power of 55W with a turbo boost power increase of up to 157W just in case while gaming you wish to destroy everything and everyone. The turbo frequency levels will run from 3.6GHz to 5.0GHz, while the normal unboosted levels are in the 2.3GHz to 1.7GHz range. Personally, I would be boosted, turboed up, and overclocked as I edited video or go to battle while playing one of the best PC games

Intel 12th Gen HX chips bring 16-cores to laptops for the first time — here's what we know

(Image credit: Intel)

The charts Intel supplied show that although the HX chips are more potent, they aren’t a massive improvement performance-wise versus the current top-end Intel 12th Gen H series CPUs, so if you’ve picked one up in the past few months you aren’t missing out on too much. However, it does leave us wondering how the boosted watts and frequency will affect battery life. Gaming laptops aren’t known for being the laptops with the best battery life and the added power can’t help. Will you have to be tethered constantly to an outlet to fully take advantage of the performance boost offered by the HX CPUs? 

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