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I’m Tired of Jennifer Grey Let’s Move On Now

So, yeah, this is a snarky post. Let me set this scene up for you before I dive into the snark.

I have a Yahoo E-mail account that’s 21 years old. Yup, 21 years. Anyway, I use that e-mail quite often and typically I’m checking it via desktop which means I pop into my url box and it whisks me away to Yahoo’s front page where I can click to access and check my email.

This typically means I’m exposed to the many, many, many clickbait articles featured on Yahoo’s front page and I hate to say this but they tend to enrage me. I’ve had to literally restrain myself lately as I’ve wanted to take my computer and toss it out the window every time I see a Jennifer Grey article promoted.

“Jennifer Grey explains how she lost her identity after having surgery on her nose!”

“Jennifer Grey says her mother told her to get a nose job!”

“Jennifer Grey says she and Patrick Swayze never got along!”

“Jennifer Grey was engaged to Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp at the same time!”

“Jennifer Grey reported being forced to carry heavy watermelon on set”

So, Jennifer Grey has a book out at the moment and whoever her PR Team is they rock because she is literally featured on every online publication known to man.

I’ll be the one to say it. It’s annoying.

Eep! Sorry. Was that too harsh? It probably was. I just can’t take the clickbait headings anymore. They are incredibly irritating. I loved Dirty Dancing as much as the next person but this is some serious cash in the fact she starred in the film.

I think probably what’s getting to me the most is Patrick Swayze is long since gone. Let the man rest in peace. But he literally pops up in every article and how Jennifer Grey disliked working with him and how they didn’t get along, etc….etc…… Who even cares at this point? Dirty Dancing was 35 years ago! It’s over, done, the remake sucked, we feel good about the energy that was created in that film but please, stop talking about it to endorse your book.

Ok, my snark fest is now over.

Please resume your day.

And of course, agree or disagree with me as you please!

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