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I’m Either High Maintenance or ASOS Customer Service Sucks

‘ello ello! A bright and happy good morning to you friends! How’s life treating you? Today, I’d like to take a moment to rant and I also need feedback from you about whether or not I’m high maintenance or if ASOS customer service sucks.

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Jump ahead.

Ok, as you know I recently placed an order for all the new Benefit Wanderful Blushes. I got them from ASOS because they had a great sale with 20% off. I was pretty happy about that as 20% off was pretty darn generous. I ordered them a few days before Memorial Day and I was seriously hyped because that weekend we went to Miami and I knew I’d have a package of beautiful blushes to come home to.

ASOS shipped my first several blushes quickly and a second order with two more blushes got shipped the next day (it seems pretty common lately that orders come in one or two or even three packages lately). Oddly, although shipped on two different days they both arrived on Saturday.

I noticed two things immediately when I got home. One was the small box they were in was shaking everywhere and two the second package was a bag with the two blushes rattling around inside. I was pretty concerned but optimistic that the blushes survived. After opening the envelope one of the two blushes was broken. Sadly, I knew this already but I was trying to remain positive. The second blush survived thankfully. It should be noted none of the blushes had bubble wrap protecting them. It was all just tossed into the bag or box and left to fend for themselves.

The box was a bigger issue. Two of the blushes had broke but they also exploded all over the other boxes. It was a big mess of powder on everything. I was so sad but no problem I’d just reach out to ASOS and they’d make it right.

Yeah, not so much. ASOS doesn’t have a customer service number but that’s ok, they have an online chat. Cool. That works. I contacted them immediately, explained what happened, and re-explained what happened. Yeah, as in twice. I dunno what goes down with customer service lately but it’s like no one is listening so you need to repeat yourself twice to get them to understand something as simple as my order arrived broke. I finally got my complaint across to them after waiting several minutes in between replies and I was told to send photos via the chat box. No problem! I snapped photos and showed the broke blushes and the mess they created. I proceeded to tell them I’d be happy to send the whole order back but I’d like a replacement for the entire order.

Here’s the thing….

Each blush is $29 and at 20% off that’s $23 each. Not exactly expensive but also, not cheap either considering I ordered every single shade. Here’s where things get a little high maintenance. I wanted a brand new order of blushes and ASOS refused. They told me I needed to keep the ones that weren’t broken and they’d replace the three that broke. I explained that the powder was all over everything in the box. I mean, it was a mess. I had no plans to sit and clean each blush off and even if I tried I’d likely end up with a bunch of ruined boxes as there was no way you’d get all of the blush off (I did try after getting off the line with customer service and yeah, it didn’t work out).

Again, I re-explained I’d like the order replaced and I’d happily return the order that was broken but nope, they told me “that isn’t possible”. So, here I am, with a box of blushes that are destroyed. I’ve been debating what to do with it.

Currently, I’m debating sending it back with tracking and disputing it with my credit card. Do I feel guilty about it? Yes, a little bit as they did explain it was their policy not to replace non-broken items however, considering the big old mess I had in that box I do think they should have replaced the entire order.

Am I being high maintenance?

Or does ASOS customer service just suck?

I’m leaning towards crappy customer service. Seeing the mess in that box they should have immediately said go ahead and ship it back and we’ll issue you out a new order.

Do share your opinion!

I’d love to hear what you’d have done!

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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