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I Tested 3 Popular Dry Shampoo sprays, and here are my thoughts – The Small Things Blog

I have a lot of thoughts on dry shampoo, so buckle up.

I like dry shampoo, I do, but I think a bit more education and awareness about it could help make the use of it better for hair and scalp health! As always, your personal hairstylist is the best option for discussing your scalp health, dry shampoo use, etc. since that person sees you regularly. I hope this post gives you a few tips, and you leave with a recommendation or two for dry shampoo!

Dry shampoo is a really fantastic option for extending the life of your hairstyle to skip a wash day. Not only is this a time-saver, but it can save your hair from a bit of heat styling as well! There are so many different kinds, and it really takes a bit of trial and error to find a system that works for you. Dry shampoo can help soak up oil, leaving the hair both feeling and looking cleaner, as well as adding a little lift and texture to the roots of your hair.

I’ve never loved dry shampoo. It’s FINE, but I’ve always leaned more towards making time for a wash and fresh style instead of trying to “fix” two-day-old hair. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s just what I preferred.

I did discover a product that I really loved in the summer months a few years ago by Bumble and Bumble which was the perfect post-workout “dry” shampoo mist. I used quotation marks because it was a wet spray, but dang it really helped refresh my hair to a manageable level after a very, very sweaty workout. The Pret-a-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo mist was my go-to to spray on my sweaty hair, let it sit, and then blow dry on a day I wasn’t interested in styling my hair. Usually, it was in a ponytail anyway, but that product helped it look better. It does have a strong scent, so keep that in mind.

Over time, I would occasionally, and I mean occasionally, use dry shampoo, but I never felt super attached to it.

I was at a hair appointment a few months ago and my stylist wondered out loud if I was burning my hair a bit through the use of heat, which was contributing to the darker blonde that would occur over time. I certainly use a lot of heat on my hair, but even with heat protection and deep conditioners and repairing treatments, the temperature of the tools can still dramatically affect your hair.

So I recommitted to finding a dry shampoo to make day-two hair a bit better for me. I grabbed 3 of the dry shampoos that I see most people chat about and gave them each a whirl.

See my take on each of the three I tried below. For reference, my hair doesn’t get greasy (my scalp is dry) and I used these on day two, often after a workout.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo ($28) – it should shock no one that this was the clear winner for me. Living Proof has just absolutely nailed dry shampoo. It works, it makes my hair feel full and fresh, it’s got a light scent, and it didn’t cause my scalp to itch. I was so pleased with the volume that lasted all day from this dry shampoo. I know they have the Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo as well, which I haven’t tried yet but people seem to really love it.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($26) – this is a really nice option for someone who found Living Proof Dry Shampoo to be too intense/gritty. This feels like nothing in your hair, in the best way possible, but don’t expect it to add volume or lift.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Bare Fragrance (under $10) – this was another great option for a barely-there scent and lightweight finish. I got zero lift/volume from this product, so if you’re not looking for volume on day 2 or 3, and prefer a minimal scent, this would be a nice option!

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