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I Found the BEST Foot Cream for Dry, Flaky Feet

I take really good care of my feet. I moisturize them. I take them for regular pedicures. I scrub them with a pumice stone to keep them smooth. They live a very good, very pampered life. Alas, no matter what I do, my feet are always a little peely and dry, never the picture-worthy feet I aspired to have. I’ve tried ultra rich creams, even vaseline, and cover them with socks to lock in the moisture. But I’ve never been able to achieve the “cute” feet of my dreams until I was introduced to one special foot cream.

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair ($10) is by no means new on the market. I’ve seen many people sing it’s praises, even board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis has mentioned it in several of her YouTube videos. I don’t know why it took me so long to purchase a tube, but I am SO glad I finally did.

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair combines softening and moisturizing ingredients like salicylic acid, urea, and soft white petrolatum. It works by gently loosening and removing dry skin to allow the moisturizers to penetrate more deeply. And let me tell you, after just two weeks of applying this cream every other day (sometimes every day), my feet have transformed.

As I sit here writing this blog, I keep gazing down at my feet to admire them. No peeling or flaking in site! I almost can’t believe it. Not only that, but they’re so soft and smooth, someone needs to get them an agent for foot modeling opportunities.

I won’t post a picture of them here because #nofreefeet, so you’ll just have to take my word for it and get this foot cream as soon as you possibly can. It’s that good.

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