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I Brought the Physicians Formula Bread & Butter Full Collection PR Box

The Physicians Formula Bread & Butter Full Collection PR Box called and I listened. I grabbed this bad boy recently and I’m glad I did because I absolutely adore it. This includes the legendary and viral Strawberry Jam Blush that the beauty world has lost its head over the past month plus Bread & Butter Bronzer, Let’s Toast Highlighter, and all three shades of Watermelon Sugar Lip Gloss. It retails for $49.99 but I had a 10% off coupon and got it for $45. The glosses retail for $8.49 each, the blush $12.49, the highlighter $14.99 and the bronzers are $15.99 each which makes the full box contents $86ish dollars. Granted no one pays retail for Physicians Formula anything as far as I know but it’s still a very nice deal for all this product.

This set reminded me how exciting and fun makeup could be. I got it and squealed in joy. It’s just adorably presented and even though I’m not a big bronzer kind of girl I still loved everything in it.

As you can see from my pictures the box the makeup comes housed is quite lovely. It has a photo of bread, butter, and a meadow of daisies! It has a little picnic vibe going on! I was most excited for the Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush which did not disappoint (I’ll be reviewing it in another post shortly). It smells exactly like strawberry shortcake or in my case, it reminded me of the scent of a Strawberry Shortcake doll I had as a child. The scent is very heavy and I absolutely adore it. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “THIS! This is how you do scented makeup!” I always get excited when Too Faced concocts some new palette scented like candy or cupcakes or whatever and I get it and smell nothing. This actually smells! It’s delightful!

How about the other items? Those smell great too! The glosses have a heavy sugary watermelon flavor and scent. The Let’s Toast Highlighter has an effervescent orange-y fragrance and the bronzers have a nutty, warm scent that reminds me of sweet bread! I know there are going to be people that hate the idea of all this fragrance but I personally adored it.

I haven’t tried all the items in the collection yet but I will be and I’ll review each piece starting with the yummy Strawberry Jam Blush! I just wanted to show you how cute this set was!

If you feel like treating yourself I’d recommend grabbing this Physicians Formula Bread & Butter Full Collection PR Box!

It really made me do a little happy jig in excitement when I got it. I missed that feeling being hyped and giddy over new makeup!

Anyone try any of these goodies yet?

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