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Hush Review: Trying on Spring 2022 Clothing

I branched out in this Hush try-on video and decided to try a couple of things that were slightly out of my comfort zone. By “out of my comfort zone” I’m obviously not talking about anything extreme – no neon hot pants and nipple tassels here – but there were some bits and pieces that caught my eye that I wouldn’t normally even bother trying and boy am I glad I did.

I’ll tell you one thing that will never adorn my body, and that’s dungarees. Now before you all start kicking off, I know that most people love them. I know that they’re “convenient” and “practical” and an “all in one dressing solution” but, quite frankly, so is an empty potato sack. There’s something that mentally I just can’t get past when I look at dungarees; in my mind they are something that only two groups of people wear, and that’s 1) children and b) children’s TV presenters.

Anyway, now that I’ve mildly offended 47% of my readers let me unoffend the rest of you: I’m going to backtrack on my stance re Birkenstocks. I’ve never understood the Birkenstock appeal, having placed them firmly in the “Satan’s Mother’s Shoes” category, but having tried Hush’s furry-lined versions I think I may be converted. I still think they make my feet look clompy and they also make me feel like I’m on work experience at a rural pottery centre that only fires up its kilns at certain lunar phases, but I have to admit that not only are they comfy, they’re surprisingly easy to walk about in. I even tried a short run in them, for testing purposes and didn’t break my neck. So they get top marks for practicality and comfort – appearances-wise I’m…coming around to them.

Right, as always with these try-ons it’s the video that has the vital information so here it is in its full glory – there are some notes and links for the items below.

Hush Clothing Try-On: Spring 2022

Some notes on the items shown: the cowboy boots are old, bought from Durango and Reformation dress was bought last summer here* – hopefully they will bring back this shape! (There’s a try-on of Reformation dresses here.)

The printed Hush Emannuelle Dress, £69 here*, is a corker every year. So easy to wear and comfortable but with a clever cut that means the top half is slightly more fitted. I love the long sleeves, the soft fabric and the way the drop-waist makes it so casual to throw on.  I wear a 10 and I’d say it’s true to size.

The Hush Black Cashmere Jumper seems to have disappeared on me but the Tilly here* is a similar shape, albeit a totally different colour. I didn’t get the jumper that long ago so have no idea where that vanished to. It’s a really nice, relaxed shape.

Chino Shorts in Midnight, £45 here*. Ah, the lifelong hunt for some shorts that are short enough to look cool but not so short that I can’t wear them in public. With legs that aren’t too tight so that you get that mid-thigh double-bulge, but fitted enough that they look shapely and not baggy. Hush’s Chino shorts are excellent – these (a UK10) are just slightly too tight for me around the middle. If I breathe out, the fastening threatens to unfasten and the zip strains to keep it together.

“Hold fast lads! If we can get through this exhalation we’ve got a good chance of making it!”

Watch: Trying-On Short Shorts

The gorgeous Florence Seersucker Shirt, £65 here*, is lovely and lightweight for spring and summer. I’ve had lots of pleasant comments about this one. Looks nice with blue jeans and white trainers, which is about as inventive as I get with the majority of my outfits.

Oh, let’s chat more about the Hetton Sheepskin Sandals. So so cosy, where have these been all my life – it’s like wearing slippers, but outside! These are currently in the mid-season sale, £69 here*.

And here’s the second item that was slightly out of my comfort zone, the Orchid Gathered Mini Dress, £99 here*, which is almost body-con in fit. I think it’s a brilliant mix of pretty floral with quite edgy, sexy design. I like it with cowboy boots and bronzed legs – just missing the bronzing on the legs but I’m about to test some “foolproof” tan that might fix that problem. Again I’m in a UK10 in this – I’d say it’s true to size but if I had to pick a side then it’s on the generous one.

Trying On: Dresses

Hush Cali Slub Tee in Khaki £27 here*. A good quality, nicely-cut t-shirt that comes in loads of colours. The fabric has a nice texture, the “slub”, so it’s not just plain t-shirt jersey in one flat colour. It has a little more nuance to it which somehow makes it look slightly more thoughtful as part of an outfit.

And finally I try on the Hush Ribbed Scoop Vest, £29 here* – it’s the perfect length, perfect fabric and perfect softness. Perfect. That is, if you don’t need a bra, or have some sort of bra-contraption that makes a halter neck one. I don’t like those much, they feel weird to me! This vest is great quality though.

Let me know where you stand on a) dungarees and b) Birkenstocks. I await your amusing comments.

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