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Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette Brings More Nudes To Your Makeup World

Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette ($67) is a new Holiday 2022 18-pan eyeshadow palette with an array of golds, coppers, browns, and neutrals. Yeah, it’s nude. Sorry guys! I know we’re all a little tired of nudes but I’m pretty excited about this eyeshadow palette nonetheless. I really like Huda’s Eyesahdow Palettes and I own pretty much all of them.

This palette contains some interesting finishes! You’ll get two high-shine wet metallics, one crushed flake gold shade, two softer powder metallics, and nine different matte eyeshadows. There’s also two interesting Gel Hybrid Eyeliner Shadows that can act as eyeshadow, a liner, or a base.

It feels like a palette you’ll be able to create some very dramatic smoky eye looks with. I think it’s a stunning palette and I hate myself for saying it but I really do feel I have a lot of these shades in my collection already! I’ll buy it anyway because I’m a makeup addict if nothing else, but it’s not something I really NEED and could easily dupe. The one thing that isn’t dupeable is possibly the formula. Some of these look incredibly pigmented and buttery.

Like many brands this year it seems like this launch is not only for the Holiday 2022 season but also, it seems to want to be appealing for Fall 2022 looks as well. Tarte did this with Maneater After Dark Eyeshadow Palette and I see Too Faced doing this with the Pumpkin Spice Second Slice. Both of these palettes got an earlier Fall 2022 launch but both brands are also promoting the palettes with their Holiday 2022 Collections. Seems like that’s what is happening with the Empowered Eyeshadow Palette as well! It’s totally a Fall palette but it’ll be promoted heavily for the Holiday season as well.

Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette probably isn’t a must but it is nice to have. If you have the funds I’d probably say buy it, primarily if you use a lot of nudes but if you don’t have disposable income at the moment it seems easy enough to dupe across other palettes.

What do you think?

Huda Beauty Empowered Eyeshadow Palette launches October 3rd.

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