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How to fix the Sniper Elite 5 kar98k not unlocking

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So, you’ve given the kill target on mission two a few big cartoony head lumps from the chandelier. But yet, there’s no Kar98k in your inventory? This happened to us, too, on several occasions. It turns out the destroy the crank wheel doesn’t work, and that is why Sniper Elite 5 kar98k is not unlocking.

How to fix Kar98k not unlocking in Sniper Elite 5

The way to correctly unlock the Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5 is by shooting the chain. The kill challenge is only successfully completed if you shoot the chain holding the chandelier upright before it plummets to the ground and takes out the kill target. Luckily for you, there is a fix to the kar98k not unlocking.

We recommend that you knock the target unconscious for this. Once the target has fewer threats active nearby, take the rest out, then close in for the unconscious melee strike or with a non-lethal bonk round. We recommend slowly picking apart the crew in the ballroom by slowly dragging them away from the site with whistles, bottles and shu mines. You can even use the non-lethal ammo is strike them down silently.

You can try to shoot the chain while the kill target is under the chandelier, but if you miss the shot, he may scatter to alert more guards. Therefore, we think it is safer to pick the room apart silently unless you’re confident with landing your shot the first time.

Once the kill target is knocked out, you can then place them below the chandelier. Move back till you see the chain, aim at the chain of the chandelier until the sniper breath-holding, aim assist turns red and shoot. The chandelier will fall, and the target will die. You should then see in the top right of the screen that you unlocked the Kar98k, along with the objective complete pop up in the top centre of the screen.

We recommend saving the game just before killing the target if it still bugs out. You can continuously reload from manual save and try to get the kill again until it does work.

This concludes this how to fix the Kar98k not unlocking bug in Sniper Elite. For more content, check out the Sniper Elite 5 hub.

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