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How to Build a Strong Team in Anime Fighters

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Anime Fighters Simulator, as the name very obviously suggests, is a Roblox game in which you assemble a team of the most popular characters from various anime series and use them to take on bad guys on different anime-themed islands.

If you haven’t yet played the game, when playing Anime Fighters Simulator, your overall goal is to gather the strongest and best fighters to aid you in battling enemies. These fighters form part of your team and help massively throughout the game – especially if you build a strong team in Anime Fighters Simulator.

What is Anime Fighters Simulator?

In Anime Fighters Simulator – which was previously known as Anime Fighters – you travel through variously customized anime-inspired worlds, defeating enemies with characters you can unlock by opening stars on each map.

The game’s developers talk about four main features of Anime Fighters Simulator:

  1. You get to discover a massive range of secret fighters by going out and exploring.
  2. You can gather and train the best warriors to form the strongest team in Anime Fighters
  3. Discover new and exciting worlds! Each world even comes with its own unique set of fighters!
  4. There is no end to the possibilities for Anime Fighting fun!

What are Fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator?

Anime Fighters Simulator features an extensive roster of playable characters, known as “fighters,” drawn from various media, namely anime.

Upon your command, your character’s team will follow your character and use different abilities to attack enemies and help defend you. These characters will eventually make up the bulk of the damage your character can inflict on enemies, so it’s essential that you use the best fighters to form the strongest team in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Are There Different Fighter Rarities to Help Build a Strong Team in Anime Fighters?

There are so many characters to choose from that it can be challenging to know which ones are worth pursuing, upgrading, and using in the game.

There are currently eight rarities of fighters in the game, which, in order of ascending rarity, are…

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted 
  • Secret
  • and Divine Fighters.

While Divine and Secret fighters are some of Anime Fighters Simulator’s most powerful fighters, obtaining them is far more difficult than obtaining mythical fighters or any fighters below them in terms of rarity.

Any fighters, including Secret and any rarities below this, are scattered across many different worlds, giving players a diverse roster to build their super-strong Anime Fighters team.

This is compared to Divine fighters, who, unlike other characters, aren’t tied to any one world, which makes it possible to acquire them in various worlds.

Plus, even further into the game, the shiny versions of mythical or higher characters will have significantly greater damage, so keep an eye out for those.

Who are the Best Fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator?

A list of the strongest, crafted, secret, and divine fighters in the game of Anime Fighters Simulator has been compiled below to aid you in making your selections.

(Note: These rankings have been derived from previous DPS estimates made by oTradeMark and his community, as well as actual damage values recorded during gameplay.)

Dragon-King Divine Orca Road Prison + Later Ones
True Golden King Divine The Hole + Later Ones
Esper-King Secret Psychic City
Heavy Rain Crafted Orca Road Prison
Engineered Alien Divine Lucky Kingdom + Later Ones
Jimmy Secret Orca Road Prison
Flaming Hero Divine Icy Wastes + Later Ones
Betrayer Secret Time Travel Tokyo
Famu (Atomic) Secret Ninja City
Red Bat Secret The Hole

Although these fighters are some of the strongest in Anime Fighters Simulator, you may want to consider other factors like the cost of acquiring and upgrading a new fighter when deciding on whether or not to add a new member to your team.

For instance, it is fine to use legendary or lower rarity characters at first, but you’ll want to stick with mythical and above characters after a while.

For the best characters, you’ll need a lot of summons from the star, and in some cases, you’ll also need to spend a lot of time farming for crafting materials.

So, remember: the best characters aren’t necessarily the most important ones to start with, as lower-rarity characters will serve you well for a long time.

What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up Fighters In Anime Fighters?

Anime Fighters Simulator battle between ice and electric character and fire character with fireball.

There are many ways to progress in the game, but one of the most important is the most obvious: to play as much as you can.

In Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll spend the majority of your time acquiring new fighters and enhancing your existing roster. As we’ve said, your team of fighters determines how much DPS you can dish out and, therefore, how quickly you can defeat your opponents.

To get the most out of your fighters, it is recommended that you level them up and equip them with useful passives if they have ratings higher than B. Leveling them up if they have ratings lower than B usually isn’t worth your time.

You can level up your existing fighters to form an even stronger Anime Fighters team by fusing them together. 

It takes more experience points to level up a fused fighter, but the fighter does more damage at a higher level. At the time of writing, the top level is 285.

To level up quickly and easily, you can put your fighters in devices called incubators, such as the ones located in:

  • XYZ Metropolis
  • Slayer Army
  • and Flame City.

When a fighter is in the incubator, it gains a level every day, making it the most efficient method of attempting to break through to the next level if you find yourself stuck.   

As a bonus tip: the XP gained from fusion can be increased by either using XP boosts or participating in events. 

How can I get better fighters in Anime Fighters through crafting?

A calm and peaceful town square in roblox's anime fighters simulator

Even though you can buy Stars to get different rarities of characters, it’s much more difficult to get a high-ranking character this way. 

There are specific Crafting machines on each island that are often a better option for creating a character in some cases. 

Specialty fighters are guaranteed by these machines, which have a variety of abilities. 

However, shards are required for crafting, and for each character, you’ll need to collect a specific type or variety of shards, which you can see in the crafting machines around the map. The shards are unique to each world, as are the fighters that can be crafted from them. 

Three world mythical fighters and five shards can be combined to create new fighters. Five shiny mythical fighters and twenty shards can also be used to create a craftable shiny fighter.

There are many different ways to find shards, but raids are the most common.

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