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How Old is Fischl in Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact is well-known for its vast, colourful cast of characters. Each character has different weapons and elements at their disposal, meaning players are sure to have a favourite character or two to play. Fischl is one of Genshin Impact’s first characters; she has been available since the game was released back in September 2020, and as a result she’s quite popular amongst fans. And being a popular character, some players are curious about how old Fischl is. The game actually gives us some hints as to how old she is, compared to other characters whose ages barely get a mention. Let’s take a look at what we know.

How old is Fischl?

While the game doesn’t explicitly tell us how old Fischl is, it does mention how old she isn’t. During her Vision story, we are told that she was 14 years old when she received her Vision. Her Vision is specifically an Electro Vision, meaning she can harness the power of electricity. This is an important detail, since according to the game’s story, not a single Electro Vision has been given out in two years. From this information, we can assume that Fischl is at least 16 years old.

It’s difficult to narrow down her age further, as we do not know how long she has had her Vision for. However, judging by her mannerisms, it seems unlikely that she’s any older than 18 years old. As well as this, she lives with her parents, which none of the other adult-appearing characters in Genshin Impact do. The only other characters who are known to live with their family or parental figures are characters such as Diona, Klee and Qiqi, who are all clearly children. Therefore, it wouldn’t be entirely rogue to assume that Fischl is a minor, but ultimately, we know that she’s at least 16.

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