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Here’s the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs You Need for Your Summer Showers

I’ve spent way too many hours watching people on Tiktok with shower stalls filled with shower gels, body washes, various soaps, and of course, tons of Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs.

Here’s the thing guys. I’ve always readily admitted I’m a shower wash addict. I blame Philosophy! Several years ago when Philosophy was hitting the Shower Gel scene hard I was out there snatching up every single scent they did. I was hoarding shower gel and I’m ashamed of myself.

And to this day I still find myself doing the same damn thing. I just like variety. However, I do feel like the better man when I watch Tiktok Shower Wash Hoarders. Because these people have like twenty different hanging caddies in their shower stalls packed with items. At least I take one at a time into the shower with me. I keep all my shower gels, hair products in a closet and take out what I need daily. I could never take a shower in a stall packed back to back with products. I swear some of these shower stalls look like a mini beauty boutique. It’s insane! I mean, one person on Tiktok has like 30 Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs in the stall with her as she showers. I’m like dude…….dude……….dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

No hate for having a lot of product as I get it but having all that in my shower stall all at once would def make me a nervous wreck.

As for Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs…

Here are the ones you need in your shower this Summer!

Tree Hut Watermelon Shea Sugar Scrub
A must! An absolute must for Summer Showers and yes, there’s also a body cream and a shaving oil and yes, get all three! This is such an incredible watermelon scent! It smells like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers to me! So yummy and keeps your skin smooth as hell! Big yes on this one!

Tree Hut Candied Lemon Shea Sugar ScrubYes, just yes if you love a slightly sour, tart yet oh so sweet bright lemon scent! This makes my entire shower smell like lemon candy! Amazing!

Tree Hut Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub
And of course, the ultimate Summer scrub has to smell like a pina colada right? This one has yummy notes of coconut and pineapple! Perfect for Summer.

I adore these scrubs as the sugar melts easily and doesn’t leave my shower slick or slippery! They aren’t harsh yet they still pack a bunch to get my dry legs and elbows super smooth!

These three are def top of my Summer list.

What are your fav Tree Hut Scrubs?

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