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Gucci Moving into E-Sports With The Gucci Gaming Academy

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Gucci is launching their own e-sports division in a business move that nobody could have ever seen coming, even in their wildest dreams. The Gucci Gaming Academy will seek to cultivate the best talents and make something competitive on the world stage.

A Brand New Gucci Gaming Academy

Gucci has teamed up with FACEIT to introduce to the world the Gucci Gaming Academy, the first gaming initiative of this sort created by a fashion brand. They plan to help the next generation of talent navigate and understand the extremely complicated world that has sprung up around the gaming industry, and is kicking off with four CS:GO players that are already part of the scene. Candidate selection itself will be based on personal values, soft skills as well as the in-game ability of players themselves. Gucci has done some bizarre gaming crossovers in the past, such as a just baffling venture into making their own custom Xbox Series X.

According to the press release the Gucci Academy will include:

  • Access to psychologists to discuss topics such as ‘performance under stress’, ‘how to deal with the spotlight’, ‘teamwork’ and more
  • Access to the Gucci education platform and educational sessions teaching the basics of player contracts and personal branding
  • Access to professional coaches who will provide training for improving in-game performance and offer practical strategies for how to compete professionally while maintaining a healthy mindset”

Gucci Has a History in Gaming

Gucci was founded over 100 years ago by Guccio Gucci (Yeah, that’s his real name). It’s proven itself over the years to be one of the most beloved high-end fashion outlets to the point that it recently had a movie based on the history of the brand and family directed by the one and only Ridley Scott, director of such classic movies as Alien.

It’s unclear as of yet if the Gucci brand has any specific plans for games that they want to take part in or if they’re open to a more broad range of games, but one can only imagine that they’d want to diversify their options as much as they can. Only time will really tell if the Gucci Gaming Academy will end in disaster like previous ventures that the company has taken into gaming, or if this will be the one that finally succeeds.

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