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Greetings From Paris – Musings of a Muse

Greetings From Paris – Musings of a Muse

Good Morning friends!

I’m away this week but I’ll be back soon! It’s our first trip to Europe since the Pandemic started and it feels like there wasn’t one at all here in Paris. We’ll be in Paris for half of this week and in London for the remaining time. We were incredibly blessed and lucky to leave very early AM on a charter to France this past Friday and we’ll take the Eurostar to London later this week and home by the end of the weekend on a commercial flight. I’m incredibly jetlagged but our first weekend here has been magical. But that’s to be expected when staying in Paris right?

I got to see my beloved friend and adopted “baby sister”, Leeza and when I get to London I’ll see my other dearest friend Libby! I haven’t seen either of them in three years! It’s rather sad how quickly time goes by without seeing those dearest to your heart outside of Facetime.

I’ve been to not 1 not 2 not even 3 but 5 different pharmacies so far. My skincare haul will probably be bigger than my fragrance one at this point. I met a beautiful, chic French woman outside the Louvre who told me my skin was so bright and beautiful! I felt terribly flattered by this as my makeup consisted of cheek stain and nothing else! We swapped skincare routines and she said I absolutely had to try La Roche-Posay Anti-Aging 10% Pure Vitamin C Serum which I immediately purchased a few hours later. Why I never tried it when it’s so easily available in the US is beyond me but it took a stranger to convince me it was a must-have. You know I’ll come home with plenty of goodies to review. I also brought two new purses! I needed another two purses like I needed a hole in the head but when in Paris right?

I wish you well this week ahead. I wish you all the energy you’ll need to get your work done this week. If you’re on a bit of a Spring break like us I hope you’ll have the best time whether it’s a stay-at-home vacation or off to some exotic island or country!

I’ll be back with new posts when I return. If I return! I may just convince my boyfriend that we need to stay here forever and live off Pain Au Chocolate while buying tons of skincare every day. It wouldn’t be a bad life, would it?

Take care of yourself and those you love. Be the good humans I know you are.

I’ll miss you all while I’m away!

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