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Goodbye, Bite Beauty!

Three weeks ago, I shared my feelings on Bite Beauty’s rebrand–and that nothing seemed to go right–and uh, I guess that was really more of a post-mortem since Bite Beauty officially announced they are shutting down today. You can read about all of the many reasons why the rebrand seemed to go poorly for a deeper discussion on the brand and how it didn’t come as a surprise that they are closing for good.

I have been waiting for an announcement of yet another rebrand or that they were closing, as all signs pointed toward them doing something drastic. Last week, they made adjustments to their affiliate program terms that suggested closure, and then they gave a heads up (that was embargoed until today) that all products would be 50% off through June 30th. As you might expect, all products are final sale.

In a way, I already said goodbye to Bite Beauty. The rebrand did not strike me as promising (I loathe ‘clean beauty’ and never liked that they were leaning into it), and when products came out, nothing made me fall in love with the brand again, only more and more disappointed over time. I’m still sad over the loss of the products from before the rebrand, LOL!

Nonetheless, I’d like to thank Bite Beauty for:

  • Once putting out blackened lipstick shades like Kale and Squid.
  • For having some of the prettiest, shifty duochrome glosses that ever existed – that I actually bought backups of during the prior rebrand
  • For that delicious maple-scented Lip Mask that I wish I had more of
  • And the pleasant folks that I’ve interacted with over the years at the Bite Beauty HQ!

Bite Beauty’s Lip Labs will remain in business, so should you want to mix up a custom lipstick when you’re near a location, you’ll still be able to do that!

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